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My Stepsister, the Cheerleader, and Myself

My name is Brock, and I have a little stepsister named Melanie. We're more like actual brother and sister, because our parents have been married since before she was born. We grew up as brother and sister, one year apart. As we started to go into high school, we often experimented with each other, and then we had sex when we were in, let's say high school, to be safe. I would take her dirty panties, cheer uniforms, and I would taste and smell her sweet asshole on them, and we tried out our fantasies with each other, and we are still in a sexual relationship today. My sister is a high school cheer coach, and was a competitive cheerleader until she graduated college. Recently when she would come to my house at night, I noticed that she had been texting one ... Read More»

Shemale of my fantasies cum true

I met her on Craigslist and she came over and we roleplayed. I was the step dad seducing my stepdaughter. I started with tongue fucking her asshole for around 30 minutes and then I swapped between her cock and ass. We played for over 5 hours until I told her to cum down my throat and she shot a huge load in my mouth. Then she needed me to show her the bathroom so I asked her if she would piss on me and I ended up swallowing almost all of it and what I didn't swallow I jacked off in her stream. I had the most amazing night of my life and I will do it again whether it's a shemale a woman a man or a group of them would be ideal. Read More»

Me and My Boy

One night, my son in law(Daniel) and I were watching a football game. The ladies were out for the night so we had watched the game and put down a few beers. After the game, I turned on some porn. I had prostate surgery a few years earlier and was unable to get a full hard on and Daniel knew this. We had discussed this a few times and he knew how much I missed stroking on my own. A scene was on the porn with an uncut dude,and knowing Daniel was uncut, I asked if that is what he looked like. He told me he didn't have as much foreskin and I asked if I could compare. To my delight, he pulled his cock out and allowed me to check him out. In doing so, he began getting fuller and harder, so I asked if I could stroke on him. Again to my delight, he allowed me my ... Read More»

Sweaty pleasure with David

Although this adventure happened many years ago, I still remember it like yesterday. I was 25yo and my boyfriend David just 20yo. We were just first month together and I loved my younger boy more and more. One day I finally told David about thing what arouses me so much. I knew David likes to exercise and also saw him few times after hard exercise, all tired and sweaty. I even masturbated few times while imagine petting his sexy body while he is all sweaty and finally once told him what I want to try with him. David wasn't against so we made a plan. We'll go for a weekend to David's parents cottage in nature where David and his sister have an exercise bike. I felt such aroused, imagine how wild and natural will be his pretty body pouring sweat and finally ... Read More»

The Magic of my first Black Cock

The Magic of my first Black Cock. By: Tvtrinity Wow! This was my first real experience with Black Cock. it was right after my divorce. I was in my late twenties. I ran my ads as a crossdresser on a few dating sites and on Craigslist. I received a message on my AFF site from a member whos profile name was BBCRicky. My interest was immediately peaked. His profile describes him as a dominant black male 6'4" with a 10-inch thick cock. He was older in his late 40s, Interested in meeting petite submissive white sissies which fit me perfectly. I replied back and almost immediately he responded. He loved my pics and profile and said he had a motel room close to where I lived and to come by. I packed a bag with my makeup my sexiest new white lingerie, My new ... Read More»

Hot Wife and the Young Stud

Hot Wife and the Young Stud - At Home It’s been tough dealing with the sex. Your husband isn’t enough for you anymore. You still love him and don’t want it to end but you also have needs. Needs that need to be helped. And if he isn’t going to do it, someone else has. You love your toys as well but you urge to feel skin on skin. It hasn’t been easy for you either since you get eye fucked all day long by these young boys. They have all of this hot teen ass they could be going for but they cannot get their eyes off you. Something about your confidence, how you hold yourself. It doesn’t hurt that you have a rockin bod and you work hard to maintain it. Everyone can see that. These 19-22 year olds with their tight bodies and insatiable appetite for sex. They just ... Read More»

Wendy not her first rodeo

Wendy not her first rodeo; It seems so normal for Wendy now, her husband is saying goodbye as he leaves for work, three weeks this time. Her ritual begins, a quick clean and tidy of the house, a shower to wash away any thoughts of who she pretended to be. Today she slipped on some heels and a little silk robe. Wendy tied it tight, it felt great against her skin and came down to just about cover her pussy when she was standing. It was a fine morning and having breakfast in front of the open patio doors really felt like liberation. There was a slight breeze, Wendy turned slightly to feel the fresh air on her face. As she moved the robe loosened exposing a nipples and then her full breast. Wendy caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror and noted how ... Read More»

Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

Wendy the cheating cougar housewife Let me begin my story by telling you a little about myself. I am a white married woman in my early 50’s, fit and athletic, about 5’6 135 with still firm 36c breasts, medium length auburn hair, and green eyes. I am a former college guidance counselor, a tennis player and avid jogger, a lady in the streets and a vixen between the sheets. My husband and I have been married for 30 years and quite frankly, our sex life has become stale, boring, almost non existent. We fuck maybe twice a month and quite frankly, he really just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Through the years of being a guidance counselor at the local university, I have developed quite a fondness for younger men and have spent quite a few afternoons in my office with ... Read More»

In the Car

Recuerdo que un día fuimos a una fiesta de la amiga de mi esposa Valerie ese día en cuanto la mire y mire como iva vestida luego luego me alboroto entonces ya llegamos ala fiesta y comimos y yo mirándola y en mi mente desia ay mami horita vas a ver cómo te va a ir cabrona ella igual coqueteandome y mas me gustaba entonces llegamos al carro nos parqueamos y le dije y que hoy no va aver y ella me contesto si traes ganas y solo Le dije ira y agarrándome el pito y diciéndole “lo e traído parado todo el día” después ella se fue para atrás del carro parándome las nalgas entonces le di una nalgada ya después me senté y le dije mamamelo ella se puso agatas parando su nalguitas y empezó a chuparlo me encanta verla agatas pero ya después la agarre me subí arriba de ella ... Read More»

20 Years of Infidelity

Just over 20 years ago I was married to a great guy only 8 months after meeting him. I was 23 and he was 44. We met at work where I was a part-time office temp. My above average height and slender build caught his eye and he wasn't bad looking either. Some of the girls in the office told me he'd come sniffing around their skirts so I figured our relationship was purely sexual. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination going into our relationship. Our sex was great and satisfying. He was born into money and had the means to wine and dine me like no other boyfriend had before. Surprised the hell out of me that he proposed marriage and I'm not sure to this day if I loved him then. Maybe it was the money, maybe because I was lonely, but I did know I had fun ... Read More»

Black Daddy

It was a hot day that summer and sitting on the porch of our little farm house I was glad that graduation was over and done with. I'd decided that now that I was nineteen I was going to move away from this place. It was one thing when mother hired that black stud from jig town to do the farm work. It was something else again when she started letting him shower and clean up in the house but when she took him into her bed that was the last straw. I begged her to send him back to the barn were he belonged. He had a nice little room with a bathroom and everything down there. It was just two damn embarrassing to have the whole county know a black man was banging my mother. I was mortified but at least I was glad I'd graduated before Joseph had started working on our ... Read More»

My First Taste of Cock!

When my ex lover discovered that I enjoyed being fingered in my ass, One night she invited her e.x husband over without me knowing it. She and I started our freaky, fun sex thing and he was in another room. I noticed that our freaky fun was a little different tonight as she kept hinting around to me that watching me suck a cock would be one of the greatest gifts I could give her. She is 13yrs older than me and owned alot of sex toys and very serious! She handed me a big nice life like dildo and told me to suck it, for practice and to see how it would feel. So I did and she got real hot! She started lubing my asshole and stroking my dick. I had to admit that as she eased her finger in there and started rubbing my prostate that I was getting hot too! I actually ... Read More»

Erotic story

test erotic story Read More»

While It Rained

There were three of them. Best friends since their early school years and still friends despite the trials and tribulations of adolescence, boyfriends, breaking up, and making up. They were all nineteen, with their birthdays within days of each other, something that had initially brought them together for joint parties and something that they'd always share. Suzy was a blonde, flamboyant and talkative, popular wherever she went, especially with men. Her sex appeal was of the more obvious type and men followed eagerly in her train. Fiona, a brunette, also a bit of a chatterbox. Gregarious by nature she was a natural fit to Suzy. Rene, another brunette, was the quiet one of the three. Suzy and Fiona had quickly come to understand and accept this, as well ... Read More»

On the Highway

After the breakfast, I looked out the window and I thought about making a little trip. I put on something, grabbed some clothes together and drove with the car direction nowhere. At a resting place I stopped to test the sanitary facilities. As I ran again towards the car came a car at a very fast pace. I jumped to the side, otherwise I would have stuck at the mirror. The car stopped and two older, well-dressed ladies came to ask me for my good. I joked and said that I am not very well. We talked for a while and I said you had to do something good. Both agreed and asked me how this might look. After a few brief reflections, we became very hot on each other. There were some hidden corners at the Rasthof. One of the two had her nipples flashing. When we felt ... Read More»