Wendys Halloween Time

Wendy’s Halloween Time

Flashing and seduction of a younger man

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Halloween was approaching in a few weeks and Wendy still didn’t have a costume. In past years, she would dress like Elvira. Did she want to do that again?

Wendy loved to tease younger men. She kept herself in great shape for a 50 plus year old woman and she not only loved to tease but if the opportunity arose, she would enjoy a young man or two. With that thought in mind, Wendy decided to go shopping at Adam & Eve for a sexy outfit to best show off her beautiful figure and draw a young man under her spell. After all, Halloween was approaching and she needed to get into the right spirit. Anyways, she liked to show off a bit with the option to show more if she liked what she saw.

The Elvira, mistress of the dark outfit would be that way after she modified it some. She thought that young guys liked seeing legs and a lot of cleavage so she would modify the outfit to show more by wearing the slit in the dress in the front with a plunging V-cut silk blouse to let the boys see more, if she so desired. In addition to the Elvira costume, Wendy picked out some red thigh high stockings and a red garter belt.

The young sales lady smiled when Wendy handed her the outfit and said that Wendy’s husband will love seeing her in that. Wendy laughed saying it was for trick or treaters and not her husband since he would be away for Halloween. The sales lady blushed at Wendy’s lustful comment.

As Wendy was nearing her car, she felt that someone was watching her. She turned slightly to her left and noticed a young clean-cut guy looking at her with lust in his dark brown eyes while walking towards her. Seeing his look, she slowed down to allow his eyes to linger and she fiddled with the buttons on her light tan silk blouse, drawing his attention to her bouncy bra less breasts. As he was getting closer. Wendy felt her body warming up and her nipples getting harder from his gaze.

Wendy turned up the heat, sliding into the seat, provocatively spreading her legs more than necessary to give him a good look at her shimmering legs and a flash of her landing strip. It helped that she had on a short grey skirt, nylon stockings, no panties, and black high heels. Slowly, tentatively, the young man came over to her car and started a conversation. He was handsome, young, tall and a bit nervous. Wendy turned to face him, her body half in, half out of the car, her legs on the pavement while her ass rested on the seat.

His name was Eddie. He was a senior, eighteen years old in his last year of school before going off to college next fall. Eddie stood over Wendy; it gave him a perfect view down her blouse. Between the car door being open and Eddie standing by the open door, the view to Wendy was blocked to others. Only Eddie got to see Wendy’s legs spread open revealing more of her stockings.

Wendy then introduced herself and as they were getting to know each other, she innocently rubbed her nylon covered thighs which pushed her skirt up higher. Wendy was rewarded as a significant bulge was forming in Eddie’s pants.

“Do you like what you see?” Wendy asked in a soft seductive voice.

“What do you mean?” Eddie fidgeted.

Wendy giggled. “I couldn’t help but notice that you have been staring down my blouse and looking lustfully at my legs. I think I might have flashed a little bit as I was getting into the car. Did you see anything that you liked? Did you see my kitty maybe?”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t be staring at you but you are so pretty. I couldn’t help but look.” Eddie confessed reluctantly.

Wendy pressed the issue. “So, tell me did you see my pussy?”

Wendy couldn’t tell whether Eddie was going to run away or rip off her blouse and skirt. His face was getting red but his bulge was becoming noticeably bigger. Wendy could feel her nipples pressing hard against her thin blouse and her pussy getting wet. Eddie’s nervousness and obvious lust was turning her on.

“Only for a moment,” Eddie confessed. “Shouldn’t you be wearing panties?”

“Why? Sometimes I like to show off my pussy and legs. Would you like to see it better?”

Eddie could only nod as he watched Wendy open up her legs more. She slid her hands up her thighs, exposing the edge of her stockings.

“Do you want to see more?”

“Please!” he replied, almost panting.

Wendy smiled as she pulled up her skirt revealing her landing strip as his eyes were glued to her every move.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes,” he stuttered.

“Have you ever seen a woman’s pussy in real life?”

“No. Yours looks so beautiful. Can I see more?”

Wendy answered by sliding her fingers down over her landing strip and slipping her fingers into her wet slit and spreading her moist red lips wide.

Eddie gasped.

Wendy again looked at the lump in Eddie’s jeans and licked her lips. “Honey, it looks like you have a problem.”

Eddie looked down and saw his bulge. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I like it. Show it to me. I can help you with that. Come closer so I can taste. Wendy cooed as she curled her finger urging Eddie closer.

“Here? Now?”

“Yes! Now! I want to see your young hard cock. My pussy is very wet and I need a stiff cock in me.”

“Really? I never had a woman touch it before.”

“Take it out, now,” Wendy demanded.

Eddie unzipped his jeans and his long stiff beautiful cock popped out. It was now Wendy’s turn to stare and lick her lips. His cock tip was already leaking pre-cum as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and pulled him closer. She briefly wrapped her lips around his tip. Eddie moaned and grabbed on to the edge of the car to steady himself.

“Fuck!” he gasped as Wendy released her grasp of his cock.

“Get in the car!” she commanded.

Eddie went around to the other side of the car with his dick sticking out of his pants as he raced to get into the car. Wendy giggled thinking to herself that this shopping trip was looking like a great idea. Who needs trick or treaters when she had a hot young stud hot for her. Luckily, no one else was in the parking lot at the time.

Eddie plopped into the car with his stiff young pecker pointing straight up.

“Such a beautiful cock! I love playing and sucking young guys whenever my husband is away with work,” Wendy purred as she started jerking on it. “His little cock isn’t enough for me anymore. I don’t want to hurt him by letting him know I do this for young guys to learn about a woman’s needs and desires.”

Eddie squirmed and his eyes rolled back as Wendy continued to work his shaft and tip. First slow, then fast as she manipulated him closer to the edge. He had masturbated before but having a woman stroke his cock was so different. He felt like he was going to erupt at any moment. Wendy knew she had him under her control and it only made her desire stronger.

“Do you want to come to my house now? Paul, my husband is away until next month and we could be more comfortable there and its more private.”

“Yes! Let’s go now!” Eddie replied loudly.

Wendy laughed and continued jerking on Eddie’s cock as she drove to her home. Once in the privacy of her closed garage, Wendy spread her legs wider and guided Eddie’s fingers to her needy wet pussy. “Finger fuck my cunt,” she commanded as she gripped his cock tighter and played with his balls.

“Cum for Wendy,” she purred as she reached over and pulled up his shirt and sucked on his nipple.

“Fuck!” he gasped as his legs stiffened and he exploded all over Wendy’s silk blouse, his chest and his pants. Eddie stopped fingering her as he came.

“Don’t stop!” I am close too,” Wendy whimpered.

Eddie quickly resumed and followed Wendy’s instructions as he finger fucked her faster as Wendy reached up and pulled on her nipples.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” Wendy purred. Eddie’s fingers were now covered with her juices. The car smelled of sex. Wendy showed Eddie her clit. “Rub around it and lick it.” Eddie got his first taste of a woman’s pussy. Wendy pulled his head down and held his face between her legs.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as his tongue flickered over her clit.

“Fuck! I am cumming!” she screamed.

They both sat in the car for a few moments. Wendy still had one hand around Eddie’s now limp cock, his cum dripping over the back of her hand. Eddie watched in awe as Wendy licked his cum from the back of her hand. She then leaned over kissing Eddie giving him a taste of his own cum.

“Come with me, we are not finished yet,” Wendy teased as she grabbed his cock again and led him to her backyard pool. Sitting down on a chaise lounge, she slipped out of her cum-stained blouse and skirt, leaving her in black nylons, garter and heels. Eddie looked on with a deep hunger in his young eyes.

“Fuck me stud, fuck me good,” Wendy demanded as she spread her legs wide giving Eddie his best view yet of her pussy. He saw her swollen pink pussy lips glistening in the bright sun. He quickly took off his shirt and fumbled briefly while taking off his pants and underwear. Wendy was pleased with his enthusiasm and even more pleased after seeing his cock fully erect again, bobbing up and down for her. Eddie was such a inexperienced but yummy young stud. Wendy loved his broad shoulder, his strong arms and his toned hard body.

Wendy took control again, guiding his tip, first rubbing it up and down her needy pussy. Eddie moaned. She then felt his cock twitch once his tip touched her wet lips. Eddie started to thrust, wanting to fuck her hard but Wendy held his cock back from impaling her.

“So do you want to fuck this MIlF? Do you want to fill my cunt with your cum?” Wendy purred as she wrapped her nylon covered legs around his body.

“Yes, I want you! You are driving me fucking crazy,” Eddie panted.

Wendy then let go of his cock and gasped as Eddie thrusted hard, sinking his cock deep inside her.

“That’s it! Fuck Wendy good!” she cried as Eddie continued to pump in and out of her pussy. “Suck on my tits,” she sighed as Eddie looked her in the face while fucking her. Eddie glowed as he felt Wendy’s pussy squeeze his cock. He never felt anything like this before. He started sucking on her pointed nipples as he felt his orgasm building.

“More,” she purred as she sensed his impending explosive. “Make Wendy cum with your cock.”

Eddie was new to all this but was a quick learner. He cupped Wendy’s ass, practically lifting it off the chaise lounge, enabling him to grind his body against her clit and going even deeper.

“Oh yes!” Wendy gasped. She grabbed his face and kissed him deeply just as they both came. “Fuck!” Eddie cried out as he exploded inside her and collapsed on top of her. They laid there for a few moments before Wendy whispered to him that he needed to leave soon since she was expecting a friend soon. He smiled, pleased with the surprising turn of events for the day and basking in the glow of amazing sex with an older woman.

“Can I come back soon for more?” he hopefully asked. “I live close by.”

“Of course, as long as you don’t tell anyone.”

Eddie then left, drained and happy while Wendy relaxed blissfully fulfilled thinking about who else she could seduce with her flashing both with and without her sexy Halloween outfit.
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