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Hot Wife and the Young Stud

Hot Wife and the Young Stud - At Home It’s been tough dealing with the sex. Your husband isn’t enough for you anymore. You still love him and don’t want it to end but you also have needs. Needs that need to be helped. And if he isn’t going to do it, someone else has. You love your toys as well but you urge to feel skin on skin. It hasn’t been easy for you either since you get eye fucked all day long by these young boys. They have all of this hot teen ass they could be going for but they cannot get their eyes off you. Something about your confidence, how you hold yourself. It doesn’t hurt that you have a rockin bod and you work hard to maintain it. Everyone can see that. These 19-22 year olds with their tight bodies and insatiable appetite for sex. They just ... Read More»

Wendy not her first rodeo

Wendy not her first rodeo; It seems so normal for Wendy now, her husband is saying goodbye as he leaves for work, three weeks this time. Her ritual begins, a quick clean and tidy of the house, a shower to wash away any thoughts of who she pretended to be. Today she slipped on some heels and a little silk robe. Wendy tied it tight, it felt great against her skin and came down to just about cover her pussy when she was standing. It was a fine morning and having breakfast in front of the open patio doors really felt like liberation. There was a slight breeze, Wendy turned slightly to feel the fresh air on her face. As she moved the robe loosened exposing a nipples and then her full breast. Wendy caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror and noted how ... Read More»

Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

Wendy the cheating cougar housewife Let me begin my story by telling you a little about myself. I am a white married woman in my early 50’s, fit and athletic, about 5’6 135 with still firm 36c breasts, medium length auburn hair, and green eyes. I am a former college guidance counselor, a tennis player and avid jogger, a lady in the streets and a vixen between the sheets. My husband and I have been married for 30 years and quite frankly, our sex life has become stale, boring, almost non existent. We fuck maybe twice a month and quite frankly, he really just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Through the years of being a guidance counselor at the local university, I have developed quite a fondness for younger men and have spent quite a few afternoons in my office with ... Read More»

20 Years of Infidelity

Just over 20 years ago I was married to a great guy only 8 months after meeting him. I was 23 and he was 44. We met at work where I was a part-time office temp. My above average height and slender build caught his eye and he wasn't bad looking either. Some of the girls in the office told me he'd come sniffing around their skirts so I figured our relationship was purely sexual. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination going into our relationship. Our sex was great and satisfying. He was born into money and had the means to wine and dine me like no other boyfriend had before. Surprised the hell out of me that he proposed marriage and I'm not sure to this day if I loved him then. Maybe it was the money, maybe because I was lonely, but I did know I had fun ... Read More»

My First Taste of Cock!

When my ex lover discovered that I enjoyed being fingered in my ass, One night she invited her e.x husband over without me knowing it. She and I started our freaky, fun sex thing and he was in another room. I noticed that our freaky fun was a little different tonight as she kept hinting around to me that watching me suck a cock would be one of the greatest gifts I could give her. She is 13yrs older than me and owned alot of sex toys and very serious! She handed me a big nice life like dildo and told me to suck it, for practice and to see how it would feel. So I did and she got real hot! She started lubing my asshole and stroking my dick. I had to admit that as she eased her finger in there and started rubbing my prostate that I was getting hot too! I actually ... Read More»

Yoga On Me

Yoga On Me: A lesson to remember The passion that we have for one another took over and the sex had my vagina pulsating. Jaden grabbed me around my waist and we leaned over to the side. “Yes baby, oh yes,” I screamed out. He was the greatest lover that I ever had and it was no secret that I was mesmerized by his dick. I absolutely couldn’t get enough of him. He stuck his tongue out while holding one of my legs. “Kiss me.” I moved closer to him in order to give him a wet tongue embrace. This man has the softest and sweetest lips that I have tasted. I’m glad Jaden gave my pussy some attention because she was starting to get jealous. Creaming all over his dick he moaned, “Oh yeah, that pussy is so wet.” My warm cum streamed down his rod making it real juicy. I ... Read More»

Family Business

Family Business Amanda cringed as the pebbles cut her bony knees. She hated sucking cock in the alley with all the gravel. But when you get to the street after 7pm you don't get to choose your corner. She tried to ignore the pebbles as she swallowed her 5th load of cum for the night. She liked that this guy didn't pull her hair too hard as he fucked her tiny face. The last guy she sucked off almost ripped out her ponytails. As she licked her lips and smiled at the bald man with glasses, he reached into his wallet and pulled out a $10 bill. The man couldn’t believe he just got the best blowjob of his life from this girl and it only cost him $10. As he zipped up his pants he asked, “Same time tomorrow night?” She nodded and smiled. As her mom always said, the ... Read More»

Manipulating Jenny Chapter 03

* Latina teenage sexpot Jenny's second appointment is due today with the fattish and bald 66 year-old physiotherapist in her office building a week after bunging up her knee tripping down the stairwell. It is not his fault that she is sent there by her boss just on closing time a week ago in the kind of attire that epitomises her taste for teasing men: a mini skirt that barely reaches the tops of her long shapely legs and under it, see-through g-string panties. Jenny takes after her late mother as a voluptuous office flirt with a stunning film star- like 38-22-34 inch figure who thrives on the exotic. She is the envy of many women, and the curse of her female workmates who intensely dislike her daring dress style that strangely escapes criticism from the ... Read More»

Cabin Fever

Tim yawned hugely as he padded downstairs, an empty glass in his hand. He almost tripped over his feet at the bottom, and steadied himself with a muted curse. The morning was cool, the house enveloped in a pre-dawn glow. He walked into the kitchen, resting the glass in the sink. Butterball, the fat ginger queen of his home, wrapped herself around his legs. He smiled, and felt the cat's purr against his leg. He bent to retrieve the cat food from under the sink. "Come on, then, Puss, here's breakfast!" He refilled the ginger cat's bowl with clean water, filled a second set of bowls for the feisty young Siamese male, Keebler, and then went to open the top half of the back door that led out into the backyard. He leaned on the sill, and stared out on a peaceful ... Read More»

Pool Dad

Hey Rach! This is Stacey. So... do you remember a few months back when you emailed me about you hitting it with Amy's dad? Well, I am sure you do! Lol! Your email got me into a lot of trouble! Let me explain... During the summer campus kicks us out of the dorms so I have to stay with my mom. My mom, as you are well aware, is happily divorced, with my mom renting a 2 bedroom apartment. My mom's apartment complex is really made up of 4 different neighboring apartment complexes that have some how all fallen under the same management group, and as such tenants of any of them are welcome to any of the four pools. Most people go to the bigger one by the central office, since it is right by the work out room and people from the office come out and offer free ... Read More»

A hot afternoon in Bali

In July 2009, I visited Bali for the first time in my life. I was never too eager to go there, because I was afraid there'd be too many tourists and the locals would just try to get your money. However, I had two good reasons to still go at that time. One of them was a woman that I shouldn't have met in my life(but that's another story), the other one was S. I've already known S when she still lived in Jakarta back in 2006. We were supposed to meet each other back then, but I was still in a relationship and couldn't really find the time. But knowing that I'll come to Bali and knowing that she lives there now, I felt curious to finally meet her. For some reason, I felt a strong urge to spend time with this seemingly nice, funny and smart woman and I guess a part ... Read More»

Yes Sir!

"I'M HOME!" I yelled, but not that anyone cared. I was on winter break from school and had just driven back home to see my parents for the holidays. It was freezing outside and it took a good five minutes just to release my tight young body of all the layers of clothing I had to wear to stay alive! I'm about 5'1" 135lbs. with a nice perky set of 36d tits, and dark brown hair with cherry red highlights and brown eyes. As I was removing my coats I hadn't realized Riley walk in the room. He was a friend of my dad's for as long as I could remember; like a family member to us. "Hey! There you are! I've been waiting here for you for a couple hours. Your parents were coming in from Nova Scotia and their flight got delayed so they asked me to come and wait for you and ... Read More»

Running For Fitness Or Sex? Chapter 03

On Saturday morning I awoke with a raging hard-on. I wasn't surprised given the fantastic sex Sue Ellen and I had enjoyed the previous evening in the darkness of the neighborhood park. As I contemplated my erection I wondered where Sue Ellen had learned to suck a cock so well. Her mouth was virtually indistinguishable from her pussy and they were both first-rate. I decided I'd have to ask her how she acquired such oral skills. In the meantime, my hard-on showed no signs of diminishing so, in the shower, I lathered up and enthusiastically washed my very hard cock while I relived last evening's events. In short order I spurted a substantial load of cum into the shower. Feeling refreshed, I went about my Saturday's activities and spent a long, sweaty day ... Read More»

Good Deed Gets Blowjob In Return

I had been divorced for a little while now and was still cleaning out my house. Trying to get rid of everything that reminded me of my now x-wife. I had been selling things on Ebay and Craigslist. If I could not sell it then I would put it on Craigslist under the free section. The free section is what ended up making this story. The first thing I ended up giving away free was a small end table. This lady that worked close to my house came to get it. She was a nice lady probably about ten or fifteen years older than me. She weighed around 300 pounds and was missing a couple of teeth. I thought nothing of her looks. She was nice and we had a nice conversation. She was recently divorced and moved into a trailer and was trying to fill it up. As she left she told ... Read More»

Aunty Milked Me Like A Cow

My s****r’s marriage got fixed recently. Because of that, now she is not sent out for any jobs including as the helping hands of the milking lady. In my s****rs place amma decided to send me instead as it would give some money, however small it might be. Reluctantly I had to go to the milker’s house in my summer vacation. Her house was a small one. I called out her name and she came out. She was in her traditional mundu and blouse dress. Probably since being at home, she was not using any thorthemunde as pallu to cover her enormous big boobs or the cleavage. I was instantly awestruck by the figure in front of me. She was sweating probably from the work she was doing inside. Her navel was so deep and her cone like shaped blouse and the cleavage above it was ... Read More»