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On this particular day, Wendy decided to go for a jog through her upscale neighborhood. Changing into her running shorts and top, she looked herself over critically in the mirror. In her mid-fifties, she couldn’t let her body go downhill or she would never attract those young guys. Today, however, she liked what she saw in her mirror. Her muscles were toned and her body weighed a slim one-hundred-twenty-nine pounds. On her five-foot-six frame, that looked good. Her ass was nice—round and reasonably firm, and her boobs stuck out nice and firm. They were perfect globes that looked good. She knew from the compliments she always received that there was no problem in that area. They were a perfect 34-C with nice pink nipples if someone needed to know. She had ... Read More»

Wendy and the Boys

Wendy pulled into the parking lot and parked her car. She looked out at the young men sitting on the park bench and her mind went into overdrive. There were four of them, all sitting on a picnic table or bench. Her fingers casually slid down her cleavage as she checked them each out. Tall and fit and, most important, they were young. College age, perhaps, and in youthful prime. They will definitely be strong enough to help her move the outdoor furniture by her pool. She exited the car and adjusted her skirt, ensuring enough exposure of her long, shapely legs. Daily workouts kept her body toned and fit. She unbuttoned one more button on her blouse and casually walked over to the table. All four heads looked up as she sauntered over to them. The boys’ eyes moved ... Read More»

Friendly Wendy

by wendyk52 If I’ve learned one thing, just one thing, in life it’s be kind to people when you’re on your way up because you never know if you might meet them again when you’re on your way back down! It’s a philosophy that has always stayed with me and I’ve applied in whatever walk of life or job I have been in and it has served me very well. Not for nothing am I known by many who I have met on life’s journey as ‘Friendly Wendy’. Indeed a lot of them will also remember me affectionately as ‘Bendy Wendy’. Call me what you will, I’ve had a lot of fun and intend to keep doing so for as long as I am able I’m retired now after having had a fulfilling career in education. I’m told that I don’t look my age but then again it’s very rude to be asking a lady her age so ... Read More»

Basketball Camp

“Jason, you need to get moving,” I said as I wrestled my nephews duffel bag out to the car. “I love that boy, but sometimes I need to light a fire under his ass to get him moving,” I thought as I shoved his bag in the car and looked towards his parent’s house. Jason was just walking out the front door with headphones and his phone, and of course a basketball under his arm. There were two things this 19-year-old never left the house without having along, tunes and a basketball. I had offered to drive him to the basketball camp he had been admitted to following graduation from high school. This camp was something that was supposed to help him make the team in college and I was happy to help. I got behind the wheel as Jason wedged himself into my compact ... Read More»

Wendy Frustrated

Wendy Frustrated Special Thanks to Ted’s help in writing this with my inputs. Wendy lay in bed alone feeling sexually frustrated. Her husband, an oil worker was away, as he was quite a lot of the time, and she really wanted some good hard sex. The retired university student counselor, who kept her body in amazing shape, had almost a constant thirst for sex and it had been easy when she was a student counselor where she almost had a string of young university students, often muscular jocks, on tap and once she teased them with her long legs or wearing a thin blouse that showed of her very firm C cup breasts they were almost putty in her hands and she had spent many an hour giving hand and blow jobs to them, often in her office or in her car after work hours. ... Read More»

The WendyK Chronicles - The Beginning

This is the pilot of a possible series of true stories about a middle-aged woman who begged for her partner's attention but ended up in a never-ending series of satisfying sexual encounters with younger men from many walks of life when she was denied his love and affection. This story and every single one that may follow in this series details each and every true encounter WendyK has had since she embarked on a career of cheating. This is not a confession nor is it a closed diary of events. She continues cheating to this day and remains unemotional and certainly unapologetic about it. These are her stories... It makes sense to first describe the subject of our story, Wendy. That's not to say that the appetizing visual image of her you will get will cause ... Read More»

Wendy and Brian

Hello, my lovely horny readers. My name is Wendy. I am not your normal 56-year-old lady. I work as a counselor at the local Jr. College. My deep secret is I like to fuck. Not just fuck but fuck a lot. I could have sex 3 times a day and still not be satisfied. God knows how many vibrators I have burned through. When I use my vibrator, I like to think about being with the young cock I see every day at the school. Just the thought of being with a younger man makes my panties wet. Maybe if I got more sex at home, I wouldn’t have these fantasies. My husband is gone a lot. He is an engineer for an oil company. When he is home, he is usually in his office working late. He is dedicated to his job. He makes a very good living. He has provided us with a ... Read More»

Wendys Skate Park Adventure

A little detour provides much pleasure Wendy really missed her husband when he went away on business. The flip side of that meant Wendy had complete freedom to do anything and indulge in a few naughty behaviors that she secretly enjoyed. Wendy was in her early fifties and her sex drive was still very strong. She worked out often, keeping her figure toned and tried to stay even busier when her husband was away but sometimes her cravings could be overwhelming. Today she took her car and planned to drive over to Sarah’s house, a good friend. As always, Wendy was dressed nicely with a short skirt and a silk button down blouse. Along the way Wendy caught sight of a familiar sign pointing off to the right, Skate Park 3 miles. Wendy slowed the car, changed her mind ... Read More»

Wendy College Counselor 2

Wendy College Counselor 2 My name is Wendy. I am a 52-year-old guidance counselor at a Junior College. It’s a perfect job for me as I love young cock. The fact that a young man can fuck for hours drives me nuts. When I walk down the hall, I tend to look more at the crotch of young men than I do at their faces. I usually wear a dress to work with no panties in case I need to use my dildo I keep in a locked drawer at my office. I recently had a young man in my office that got in trouble for getting in a fight. His name is Tim. Cute kid. He was just starting to fill out and was turning into a handsome young man. “So, Tim. You got into a fight. What happened?” “Matt was teasing me. He was calling me a Fag because I have never had a girlfriend. He wouldn’t ... Read More»

Wendy obscene bikini

Wendy checked the look in the mirror. It was an obscene bikini, little more than three tiny triangles and some string. She turned this way and that, excitement a thrill down in her pussy. It was less than twenty-four hours since her husband’s car had moved down the street away from the house, time enough for Wendy to get herself serviced by two twenty-year-old boys. It had been hours of fucking and sucking their long black dicks. Wendy had taken André and Jordan at the neighbor’s house, putting on a show for the perv next door until she was certain her husband’s flight was in the air. After that she’d entertained the boys in her home. It had been debauchery, cheating sex in the marital bed after sucking their cocks in the living room. Those boys, two ... Read More»


DIANA'S TALES: STUDENT AID PT. 01 All characters are 18 or older. This story was written in collaboration with Diana R. The story starts a little slow as it builds the story, but it gets there. This story features a relationship between an adulterous older white female (53 yo) and a young black man (18 yo). If that doesn't appeal to you, then please save yourself the aggravation. If it does appeal to you, we hope you enjoy. ****** "Diana, I need your help," Marie pleaded on the phone. "We worked together for over 30 years. Look, you know I wouldn't call you if there was another way. I know you're retired, but you've got connections with some of our wealthy and most generous alumni. Your husband works with some of them. You've got extra pull I ... Read More»

Wendys Halloween Time

Wendy’s Halloween Time Flashing and seduction of a younger man Tags: Seduction, MILF, Stockings, Flashing, Fingering Special Thanks to Cal Jack for editing Halloween was approaching in a few weeks and Wendy still didn’t have a costume. In past years, she would dress like Elvira. Did she want to do that again? Wendy loved to tease younger men. She kept herself in great shape for a 50 plus year old woman and she not only loved to tease but if the opportunity arose, she would enjoy a young man or two. With that thought in mind, Wendy decided to go shopping at Adam & Eve for a sexy outfit to best show off her beautiful figure and draw a young man under her spell. After all, Halloween was approaching and she needed to get into the right spirit. ... Read More»

Wendy After the Gym

Wendy After the Gym Wendy had been cheating on her husband for a long time now. He was away working on oil rigs for weeks if not months at a time and Wendy had needs. Wendy had been working rouge young men for some time and while she always dressed professionally while at work, she often met some guys she knew while out shopping or maybe at the gym. At first, she was flattered by the attention and would role play a situation in her mind as she masturbated on her own. Her first time with a young man was intoxicating. Wendy had been more than a little nervous. He was very attentive to her needs; the older woman thing certainly turned him on. And he was ready to go again soon after Wendy had swallowed his load. He did not mind eating her pussy afterwards which ... Read More»

Red Thong-Wendy

Red Thong-Wendy "So, how are you two boys doing?" I asked, walking into his room with a basket. "We're fine, Aunt Wendy, and I can do my own laundry." "I know, Billy, but I'm still your aunt, and I'll do it if I damn-well please," I made clear, going to his hamper. "You don't mind if my unmentionables touch yours, do you?" I asked, putting his clothes on mine in the basket Aunt Wendy, seriously, you're making Jim uncomfortable. I leaned up and glanced at him. "Is that true, Jimmy? Does your mom do your laundry?" I looked him over as he casually checked me out for a moment. 'Oh, I think I might be, but because I think Jim here wants something from me. I don't think Billy notices that, though. I do have my ... Read More»

Wendy meets Timmy

I was driving past the tennis courts on my lunch hour, thinking about how my sex drive has seemed to increase, I caught myself letting my mind wander. As I passed the park, I could not help but notice the handsome young men playing tennis. They seemed so athletic and virile ... and yes, MUCH younger than my hubby- mostly teens and early 20's at the most. And OMG- SOME were really hot!!! Seeing their hard bodies glistening in the sun... DAMN!!!! I pulled over to watch- only watch- but soon I found my pussy betraying me, soon feeling the tingling, and noticing myself getting slippery... My sunglasses hid my wandering eyes, but the burning between my thighs could not be denied! My fingers soon found their way inside my thong. SHIT!!! I am DRIPPING WET!!!! ... Read More»