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Sweaty pleasure with David

Although this adventure happened many years ago, I still remember it like yesterday. I was 25yo and my boyfriend David just 20yo. We were just first month together and I loved my younger boy more and more. One day I finally told David about thing what arouses me so much. I knew David likes to exercise and also saw him few times after hard exercise, all tired and sweaty. I even masturbated few times while imagine petting his sexy body while he is all sweaty and finally once told him what I want to try with him. David wasn't against so we made a plan. We'll go for a weekend to David's parents cottage in nature where David and his sister have an exercise bike. I felt such aroused, imagine how wild and natural will be his pretty body pouring sweat and finally ... Read More»

Erotic story

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Lady doctor

(Однажды, моя Госпожа врач - хирург в поликлинике) взяла меня с собой на прием. Я был раздет догола, помещен под ее стол и привязан за член веревкой, конец которой находился в руках Госпожи. Прием начался. Во время бесед с пациентами и выписки рецептов, Госпожа, дергая за веревку, заставляла меня ласкать языком и губами ее туфельки, ножки, влагалище и клитор. Один пациент чем-то разозлил Госпожу, и она придавила мои гениталии туфлей к полу... я застонал, за что получил удар ногой в лицо и замолк. Повернув меня под столом спиной к себе, Госпожа ввела каблук своей туфельки мне в задний проход и около получаса, не прекращая вести прием трахала меня этим каблуком. Я кусал от боли губы, моя попа разрывалась от железной набойки на каблуке, мой член, стянутый ... Read More»

Sex im Krankenhaus

Wegen einer Blinddarmreizung kam ich letztes Jahr ins Krankenhaus. Zum Glück war es aber falscher Alarm, es brauchte nicht operiert zu werden. Ich sollte aber trotzdem ein paar Tage zur Beobachtung da bleiben. Nach 22 Uhr kam dann die Nachtschwester, eine etwa 35 jährige schlanke Frau, schwarze Haare und ganz hübsch. Sie gab mir etwas zu trinken, dann schlief ich sofort ein. Nach etwa einer Stunde wachte ich auf. Ich öffnete die Augen und sah die Nachtschwester, die auf meinem Bett saß. Ich wollte etwas sagen, doch es kam kein Ton heraus. Dann wollte ich meine Hände bewegen, was aber auch nicht ging. Sie hatte mir während ich schlief, einen Knebel in den Mund gesteckt, und meine Hände am Bett angeschnallt. Nun lag ich hier vollkommen wehrlos. Ich zappelte ... Read More»

Milking my wife Angelique's huge tits

Milking my Wife Angelique’s big tit’s... I put her big tit’s on a real dairy cow milking machine and milked her dumb ass bone dry....... My dumb ass wife Angelique always tried to please me from the very first day we met no matter what it was in everyway she could, to show me how much she “so called” really loved and wanted to stay with me. Hell she’d do anything I tell her stupid ass to do, no matter how damn wild it was. I told her the first day we got together how much I liked wild and very damn freaky sex, she was all for it, hell she couldn’t wait to see how far we would take it cause she had lead such a sheltered life, well up until she met me that is. Ha ha ha. She was only 16 when we married and after 2 long years of living with her stupid fat ass ... Read More»

Dahska's Trial

As Dahska stepped in front on the ruling lords her legs trembled with fear. Dahska you have broken our most holy laws, The eldest lord spoke with a mighty boom. How do you justify this transgression Dee? Her father the youngest lord by some 400 years trying to make sense of her betrayal. She is a common whore lords that is all, She must be cast out for us to remain pure. Dahska's best friend and the reason she was in this mess spoke for the tribes. The lords in unison We know the laws we made the laws. But what I wonder is your involvement in all this? The lord of the giants whispered. N N Nothing I have no involvement in this case. Ashley assured him She is the one father not me. Dahska's outburst shocked the tribes who started to mummer ... Read More»

Waiting For It

It was an ordinary day except for the fact that it was only mid-morning and I was aching for a good hard orgasm. My husband had been out of town for a few days and before that had been my time of the month. It had been a good 10 days since we had a nice rousing session where all the right buttons were pushed and an amazing gasping, moaning, climax was ripped from me. As described in my prior stories, my husband and I enjoy our own flavor of a female led marriage (Nothing more gratifying provides the best background, but all of my stories provide different bits and pieces). In simple terms, for us this means that I decide when, where and how we have sex and my husband is rationed a few orgasms a month with the terms dictated by me. As a result, it's far from ... Read More»

Zante's Violation

Fog rose from the wide river, creeping up and flowing over the containing concrete banks, floating across the city, damply feeling its way into bricks and steel. It became so thick, the illumination from the streetlights quickly became absorbed in a blanketing mist of opaque nothingness. Clammy fingers of haze slithered along sidewalks, crawled up walls and enveloped everything in a moist moment of silence. Space coalesced, sound was muffled and each inanimate object became a world unto itself, isolated in miasmic nightmares. Previously familiar places became unrecognizable. Zante stopped, convinced she could hear something. Suddenly a droning entity of subdued light roared passed. She opened her mouth to shriek, then partially relaxed. It was an ... Read More»

Muslim Men Like Strapons Too

The big Black man squealed as the skinny White dude shoved his thick cock up his hairy ass. Nearby on the king-sized bed, a sexy and curvaceous, light-skinned young Black woman fingered her pussy as she watched the hot man-to-man interracial sex. Mistress Sybil Noir smiled to herself as she watched her slave Andrew Jenkins fucking her other slave, Somali stud Ibrahim Sadiq. The short, slender Irishman was fucking the big and tall Somali stud like there was no tomorrow. Ibrahim was screaming like a bitch as he got fucked in the ass, and his screams were music to Mistress Sybil Noir's ears. Nothing turned her on more than male bisexuality, with some domination thrown in. Hours earlier, Mistress Sybil Noir had a tough time talking her favorite guys into fucking ... Read More»

Consuelo's Revelation

As Consuelo sat down on the toilet that morning, she put one hand under her massive belly for support and the other down between her legs. She rubbed at her well-bearded crotch and accidentally slipped a finger into her gaping hole. The downward pressure of her unborn child was beginning to push her apart, but she continued to rub until a torrent of acrid urine came forth. She closed her eyes and let the warm flood wash over her fingers. The bathroom was her main sanctuary these days as her four children screamed and ran around on the other side the door. She tried to screen out the noise the best she could and let her mind wander, but just then her son pounded on the door with the complaint that he had to use the toilet. "Una momento, Mijo!" she replied ... Read More»

Slapping Melissa'sTits

I sat at a coffee shop in Bronte. The salt air fresh and clean and the weather pleasantly warm. I sat waiting for my prey, the very willing prey that I had met online. I spotted them from a distance coming across from the beach. I spotted Melissa first, a luscious lady in her 40s, her blonde hair billowing in the seabreeze. Even from such a distance her tits looked magnificent. I knew from the photos they were DD. Her husband James was by her side. As they approached I took in Melissa more fully. Her magnificent tits covered by just a small and still wet floral red bikini top, spilling out. She had on a sarong, also somewhat wet which showed her bikini bottoms underneath. My mind drifted to what I had planned for those tits, before my quarry was close enough for ... Read More»


Some people seem to have such 'normal' lives, no big secrets, no dark desires. I often wish I were such a person. I consider my 'uniqueness' to have started in grade school, but maybe it happened long before that. I'll never know. Miss Collins was the kind of woman people talked about - an older single woman. A word often used was 'spinster'. She was also missing a leg. I happened to have her as a teacher one year and found her to be unlike what people would say about her. That was the last year she was at my school. I never forgot her. - Juliet works for the same company but in a different city and arrives to help review our project. I am stunned with her beauty as she walks into the meeting. I flash back to Miss Collins. Like her, Juliet is missing ... Read More»

Excuse My Husband Please

Truth is quite often stranger than fiction, and I freely admit that this story is way beyond bizarre. I was originally going to put this in the Humor section, but in retrospect it was something that was funnier to see than to read. You had to be there, but only four (maybe 5) of us were. I have placed the story in the fetish category, even though I am not in the least convinced that the appreciation of women who do not choose to remove their body hair necessarily qualifies. The awkward English spoken by the Japanese woman was part of what made the experience so strange, and my attempt to recreate it is not meant to be derogatory in any way. **** It was a lazy summer afternoon in July, and my wife Debbie and I decided to take a drive around the ... Read More»

A Tale Of Two Girls

I was sitting in a bar terrace sipping a cappuccino and enjoying the sunny morning. It was my day off, so I had decided to treat myself to a nice day of doing absolutely nothing. The winter had been long and cold, as is customary at these latitudes, but now spring had exploded in all its glory, and this was the first day where the weather was warm enough to go outside and actually enjoy the streets of the city. I was summing up in my mind where life had taken me so far; my job was as demanding as ever, I had a shitty boss and even worse colleagues. I was in a ton of debt due to all the fucked-up decisions I had made so far and I would have to work my ass off to get my life back on track. The realisation that my life was slipping out of control had come ... Read More»

Sex Therapist

Peter Simmons felt terrible. His life had literally fallen apart. What he dreaded had happened, and now he must deal with the consequences. He had been caught and arrested for stealing a pair of panties from a neighbors wash line. He had been exposed as a pervert and lost his job, and shamed himself in front of all who knew him. What's more his mother had to bear the shame as well, and he loved her dearly . Peter lived with his widowed mother in a three bedroom semi-detached house. They had lived together now for 5 years since his sister left to get married. He was 35, and a confirmed bachelor. In fact, he was often embarrassed when teased about the fact that he had never been seen out with a lady friend. Not that Peter had many friends. He was ... Read More»