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On the Ferry to Friday Harbor

Silkie asked me to drive her to the ferry in Anacortes, so that she could visit her friend, Leo. On the way to the ferry, she told me about him. " Leo was my lover, when I first moved to Bellingham, before I met you, before I met Chris. I've told you about other guys who treated me like shit, but Leo isn't one of those guys. I don't know if he likes me as much as I like him, but he was always really nice, really funny. I met him when I went in to get my guitar fixed. He had this little shop, down by the water, where he fixed instruments, and where he made those wonderful banjos?" " He is in Friday Harbor now. His brother is a blacksmith. Leo works there sometimes, but mostly he is making banjos, singing in the coffee house there, giving banjo ... Read More»

An Unusual Honeymoon

Well here we are on the plane and in the air and on our way after the wedding and the reception on our honeymoon. My new wife's uncle had treated us to a three month all expenses paid hotel accommodation on the continent, just a few hours and we would be making love in our hotel room, my wife Bess had long ago decided to wait until we were married before having sex , ( she was a virgin) but had told me earlier on during our courtship that she wanted me to have sex with some of her “selected” girl friends so that I would be able to teach her all about sex. I had intercourse with eight women , one of them a virgin and so I considered that I was somewhat experienced, Bess wanted to have children as soon as she could and so she had worked out so that the first day of ... Read More»


Wife f***ed to have sex with a stranger. When Tom comes home I’m going to tell him I’ve picked the man, its going to be our friend Brian I’ve always thought Tina his wife was so big headed always bragging her husband would never cheat on her as she gives him the best sex and head ever plus he has such a big pair of balls she says he can keep cumin after he shoots his load, so she thinks she’s better than all of us at blow jobs. Her husband is always trying to get his hand under my dress Unknown to Tom he has touched me up a few times when we’ve been out clubbing feeling my arse and trying to touch my tits One night when I went to the ladies I wasn’t aware he had followed me into the hallway which was quite dark there, As I came out I saw Brian standing ... Read More»

Friendly Fire

These are funny, but karma being the bitch that she is, my activities eventually caught up with me. The summer before I started law school, I was seeing a girl in Miami named “Courtney.” She was incredibly hot–one of those girls you have a physical reaction too as soon as you see her. One time we were fucking doggy style, incredible sex, and right as I was about to come I pulled back too far and my dick came out. I didn’t realize it, and as I thrust forward again, instead of going back into her vagina my dick stuck in her ass crack (NOT into her asshole, but her crack, between her butt cheeks, like a hot dog…sort of). I was leaning over her, my face right above the back of her head, and I looked down at my dick right as I hit climax…and shot nut INTO ... Read More»

Tough Treatment

Carlton Adams, Carl or 1 ton to his rugby friends was a pro rugby player and had just completed qualifying as a sports physio, dietitian and trainer when he crashed a friends Harley. Taking a girl for a ride, a speeding car had run them off the road, the girl had minimal injuries but Carl had rolled with the huge bike sustaining back and leg injuries. After 12 weeks in hospital he was wheeled to the physio unit to start work on walking and regaining mobility. His assessment was a shock, in walked Ronda Adams a consultant Physio who specialised in sports injuries and treating sportsmen and women at her private clinic in the village. Carlton grew up the son of a farmer and the other Adams family moved into the old manor house when Carl was a teenager. Richard ... Read More»

Milk And Cookies

T'was the night before Christmas, and in MzDominica's house, Santa crouched next to the Christmas tree, pulling packages out of his sack. The ornaments and lights on the tree twinkled and shimmered, even though no one else was in the room to appreciate them. Suddenly, from somewhere in the tree, a light mist, like an air freshener, sprayed into his face. Santa's thoughts went blank for a moment, and he did not realize that MzDominica had entered the room and was standing next to him, until She spoke. "Not a mouse that's stirring," She said. Her beautiful voice took on a combination of seduction and command. "Your mind is going blank, now, Santa. Blank. You think of nothing. You hear only My Voice." Santa continued to kneel next to the ... Read More»

Incest With Cousin Sister

Note : This story is completely fictional! Hi, am Vicky 21 from India, I am a regular at your website and so thought would post my story also. This is an incest with my cousin sis meaning the daughter of mothers brother, am telling you this specially because in India we can marry such a cousin as its not in fathers relationship directly. Anyways, continuing with the story now, It was at the start of this year back in January, when my I went to meet my cousins, I asked aunt where is Ria and Amit, she said they are upstairs, and I quickly went upstairs to meet them, I saw Ria and she was in front of mirror as expected combing hairs, I saw her beautiful face and that curvy body with big globes and nice hump, the sheer presence of her in the room was making ... Read More»

Au Restaurant

We're sitting in the restaurant, listening to the gentle music and the chatter of the people around us. It really is a wonderful scene to be at, perfect for our one year anniversary. We order a bottle of wine from the waitress, and begin to have a glass. After a few drinks too many, she leans over and kisses me on the neck. I, in a drunken state, kiss her back and slide my hand to her chest and begin to rub it slowly. She breaks her kiss and sighs. I realize we are still in the restaurant, so I pull away and begin to drink some more wine. She looks at me, and I can see the lust in her eyes. A small smile flickers over her face, and I feel her foot against my pants, slowly working its way up my thigh. She arrives at the bulge in my pants and begins to ... Read More»

A Shower Surprise

The following story is an original work of fiction. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, I'm Michael. I'd like to tell you a story about an experience I had not too long ago. It really was just sort of a taste, but it's something I can't stop thinking about- something that just makes me want more. It was just a normal Friday night and I was hanging out at an apartment with a bunch of my friends. The apartment isn't anything special - just a small two bedroom/bathroom with sparse furnishings - but we are all in our early twenties, so anything that allows us to move out from our parent's houses is a palace, which made this apartment our regular hangout spot despite the ... Read More»

First Time With Anne Tan

Anne Tan was turning 18 and I was 21 then when the story occurred. She was Pasir Ris’ (Our local neighbourhood) U-18s Ladies basketball’s team shooting guard, the cream of the crop among all the players I coached during short 2 years stint with them. I first saw Anne when she was 15, dressed in plain T-shirt, shorts and a baseball cap, in-line skating around the basketball court, during one of the Fridays U-18s Men basketball team training session. As I was the player and Assistant Coach then, I had to ensure everything’s in proper storage after every session. And there she always would be, still skating round long into the night. It wasn’t till the end of 5th session, about ½ hour after the whole team gone for the night that she approached me, during my personal ... Read More»

Dianna's Double Bluff

I was tragically orphaned at the age of eighteen, yet despite this I managed to finish my examinations, which I hoped would get me entry to a University hospital to study medicine I was very fortunate that I was given temporary accommodation following my bereavement by my Godparents and their two highly attractive daughters. Sarah was a contemporary of mine and we had been good friends for a long time, both before and after leaving school, but her sister Rita was two years older and at twenty was very much more interested in men. Immediately on joining the household, I was left in little doubt that Rita saw me as her next possible sexual conquest. Both girls were highly attractive, tall willowy blondes, but Rita in particular favoured short skirts masses of ... Read More»

Nerds get blow job after game

This story took place a couple years ago. My husband has season tickets for the Chargers football. He didn't want to go because he was just so disgusted with the way they were playing. (As was most of San Diego.) I invited my girlfriend to go. We don't really care how the team plays, we always have a good time at the game. Seated to my left were two Raven fans. They were younger guys. I know you will have a perfect picture them when I describe them. It's the two guys you always see together. They were both kind of short. The one guy was skinny with glasses, kind of goof, a real nerd. His friend was heavy, wearing a tight t-shirt and not very bright. I think you get the picture. We love turning heads and usually wear something very revealing. Well that day ... Read More»

Halloween Party With The Phantom

Jamie's pussy was still tingly, and a little sore as she dressed for the Halloween party. God, she loved the way Steve fucked her in the shower, and she would have loved to drag him into the bedroom for 3 or 4 more hours of fucking. But Steve was on the board of a local charity, and scheduled to be emcee at tonight's party. She had to admit that it was very sexy that he took the obligation seriously, and truly enjoyed his work raising money for the charity. He was the best lover any woman could ask for, kind and gentle one moment, aggressive and forceful the next. He was a man's man; he loved sports, especially football... but he also appreciated the finer things in life; theatre, wine, and clothes. She always marveled at the way he could work all day in the ... Read More»

Super Mario --- A Burning Sensation

Being 24 years, young black, with a nicely toned defined body, is what attracts most people to me, but in the end my friendliness and charnming personality that always win them over.and to me this is quite exciting, especially when having to dream about hot bodies. while getting laid with hot, young, handsome and sexy men is the icing on the cake. for this is exactly how i felt not to long ago. now as i sat reminiscing i have no idea where to start, or should i just write about my previous wild encounters. Nooo!! i should let you into this moment the one that have me sweating while my fingers are stroking the keys before me. I had befriended this guy who over the past few months became a very close buddy of mine, he is from dubai and loves to party. mind ... Read More»

Fun With Gold Diggers

This story is an elaborate fantasy extension of an experience that I had in college; 60 + percent of it is pure BS fiction. It would have multiple "tags", ie, interracial, domination, bondage, three way, etc. Two attractive black women were discussing their plans and hopes for the future over lunch one day. Tootsie, a 32 year old beauty, was anxious about her youth slipping away without her realizing success in her education, career, family and romance. Debbie, a manipulative older woman, with a devious mind, raging horniness, and a complete lack of principles, was prompting Tootsie to take a few short cuts. Debbie was advising Tootsie to find, seduce, marry a successful man, trapping him with a pregnancy, if possible. Tootsie exclaimed, "I know of somebody ... Read More»