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Inzestgeschichte Geschieden

Vor einigen Wochen lernte ich durch Zufall zwei nette Frauen kennen: Sie hatten abends auf einer kaum befahrenen Landstraße eine Motorpanne. Ich hielt an und bot ihnen an, sie in die nächste Stadt mitzunehmen. Gern willigten beide ein. Die ältere schätzte ich auf Anfang bis Mitte Dreißig, die jüngere mochte etwa 15 Jahre sein. Beide trugen knappe Shorts, Turnschuhe und hautenge Tops, die bei beiden gut gefüllt waren. Wie ich mit einem Blick feststellte, verzichteten beide auf einen BH – den hatten sie auch nicht nötig. Wie sich herausstellte, handelte es sich um Mutter und Tochter, die in der Gegend Urlaub machen wollten. Die Mutter war frisch geschieden, wie sie mir blinzelnd erzählte, und genoß mit ihrer Tochter die wiedergewonnene Freiheit. Ich hoffte, daß ... Read More»

Mein Abenteuer in Munich

Wie schon erwähnt: als freier TV-Produzent kommt man viel herum. Und wenn man wie ich sich zu beiden Geschlechtern hingezogen fühlt, dann kann man auch sexuell viel Abwechslung haben und vor allem viel erleben. Eines meiner geilsten Sex-Abenteuer erzähle ich jetzt hier. es passierte mir vor einem Jahr in Deutschlands zweitmächtigster Medien-Stadt, in München. Und es passierte mir mit meiner damals 17jährigen Praktikantin und das auch noch per Zufall. Ich saß in einem Café in der Schellingstraße, nibbelte so an meinem Espresso, als ich dachte: Hey, das kann doch nicht sein! »Hey, was machst’n du hier?« zirpte ein süßes Mädchen in mein Ohr. Ich erschrak und spuckte fast den halben Mokka aus. »Könnte ich dich auch fragen!« entgegnete ich. Martina (so ... Read More»

2 Times

Es war Sommer und ich hatte mir gerade eine neue Freundin zugelegt, nachdem mir die letzte den Laufpass gegeben hatte. Nun ja, Künstlerpech, ich denke mal, sie wollte nicht neben anderen herlaufen. Also seit circa vier Wochen war ich mit Sheryll, einer süßen Amerikanerin, zusammen. Ihr Dad war Soldat bei den Besatzungsstreitmächten und ihre Mutter war Berlinerin, aber geschieden. Sheryll hatte noch eine jüngere Schwester, Amanda gerade mal 16. Seit vier Wochen versuchte ich nun Sheryll endlich dazuzubekommen, bei mir zu übernachten. Aber nichts war. Ja, ein bisschen Petting und ein bisschen oral ja, aber richtig zur Sache sind wir noch nicht gekommen, leider. Es war Anfang Juli, als ich Sheryll zu Hause abholen wollte. Amanda öffnete die Tür und ließ ... Read More»

Family Business

Family Business Amanda cringed as the pebbles cut her bony knees. She hated sucking cock in the alley with all the gravel. But when you get to the street after 7pm you don't get to choose your corner. She tried to ignore the pebbles as she swallowed her 5th load of cum for the night. She liked that this guy didn't pull her hair too hard as he fucked her tiny face. The last guy she sucked off almost ripped out her ponytails. As she licked her lips and smiled at the bald man with glasses, he reached into his wallet and pulled out a $10 bill. The man couldn’t believe he just got the best blowjob of his life from this girl and it only cost him $10. As he zipped up his pants he asked, “Same time tomorrow night?” She nodded and smiled. As her mom always said, the ... Read More»

All Tied Up

The evening has been spent peacefully. A quiet dinner, lots of interesting conversation, a couple of drinks, relaxing, no interruptions. During the conversation I ask how you feel about being tied up. You just smile that beautiful smile you have, and give me the distinct impression that you might be agreeable, but you are going to make me work for it. I know that smile all too well, and I know it means the night could get very interesting. I get up, and wiggle my finger asking you silently to follow me. I lead you back to the bedroom, and you are surprised to see the room lit only by candles. The soft scent of lavender in the air, just enough to immediately relax you. Lots of extra pillows on the bed atop a fur throw. There are several silk scarves laid out ... Read More»

Birthday Surprise

I'd have to say the most sexually prolonged, and how would you put it, debauched experiences I've ever been involved with I guess would be when I first had a hard cock deep in my ass. Here let me tell you about it: well its my 25 birthday and my husband says he has something that I'd really enjoy. He blind-folds me outside and leads me through the house. I must have become confused somewhere, because it seems as if were heading into his workout room. But I find I'm not, as I feel the firmness of his workbench on my bottom as he sits me down. He pulls my skirt off before spreading my legs wide tying something soft around my ankles that was already attached to the legs of the bench. I can feel my pussy starting to dampen' as I anticipate what he is ... Read More»

Friday Night

Standing under the hot shower, Sarah washed the days grime from her, admiring the play of the soapy water as it flowed over her young lithe body. Her hands, well soaped worked the scented lather all over. The feel of her slippery hands as they glided over her sent shivers through her. She could smell her own special scent mixing with the strawberry perfumed wash. Her hands caressed her breasts, gently kneading them, pushing them together, squeezing them tight as she watched. She always loved the deep cleavage they made when pressed firmly together, and fondly remembered the last time they were wrapped around a young studs cock. The way the tip of his cock looked as it appeared, as if by magic as it parted her breasts, and rose majestically towards her watering ... Read More»


Sleeping. Your face, if it could be so, is even more beautiful, more handsome now. I continue into the room, careful to be silent. I set my things down, and shrug out of my light jacket, letting it fall soundlessly across the back of the chair. Unzipping the dress I'm wearing, slowly, ever mindful of not waking you, I let it slide down, til it pools at my feet. Stepping out of it, now wearing only my bra and panties, I kneel beside the bed. Carefully, slowly, I pull back the light blanket and sheet covering you, watching your face, gauging the expression. Hoping you stay sleeping long enough for what I would like to experience. Pleased that you are naked beneath, I smile as I see exactly what I wanted to: Your cock; soft, hooded within the silken ... Read More»

First Black

I'm 19, 5ft 10 and 112 pounds, white South African, Dutch decent, my parents moved us to the U.S. when I was three. I work part time in a shop and I am an aspiring model. I have an agent for booking modeling jobs and so far I have worked with 5 photographers and done shoots for local stores and shows but nothing really special, this is the story of my first ‘unofficial' assignment. The last ‘official' shoot I did was for a motorcycle magazine, a couple of weeks later that photographer phoned me and said he had a private commission so no need to tell my agent. A client was interested in me doing some work, "he wants nude shots, I know you say no nudes but he'll pay double for a test shoot, if that's okay and he'll pay double again for a full set." I told him ... Read More»

gangbang girl

When I was 25 I worked as a temp for a couple of months, one of the jobs they sent me to turned out to be really hot! 1 week of not much to do for a small company with 7 male employees, young guys, some WWW start-up. I worked there in the summer, so I'd dress the way I usually dress in summer, cute, short, thin dresses, my pretty legs bare, sandals or flip flops, thongs, usually no bra, so comfortable and pretty. These guys were so cute, always paying me compliments on how I looked, what great legs I have, etc, every day! It was nice but a little weird… I mean when I say not much to do, there really wasn't much to do! Whenever there was a call it was to one of their phones, no mail to distribute, no papers to organize, no proofreading ... by the third day I asked ... Read More»

Night Flavors

It's almost bedtime and I can't wait. I'm really horny tonight and I've been thinking about what's in store. The anticipation has slowed time to a sweet, agonizing crawl. My cock is growing hard as I unbuckle my jeans and slide them down along with my underwear. Stepping out of my pants, I leave them in a heap on the floor and head over to the bed. I'm wearing only a red t-shirt and white athletic socks now -- my sleepwear for the night -- and the cool night air feels good on the bare skin of my ass, penis and thighs. Lying down, my back against a stack of thick pillows, I grab the remote and switch the TV on to the news. You are in the bathroom, wearing only a partially open flannel shirt and striped knee socks as you sit on the toilet. The door is open. You ... Read More»

Cumming Deep In Your Arse

I had seen one of Premier Inn's periodic giveaway offers and booked three of four up a few months ago. I booked two Thursday evenings after your work, one Thursday during the day and a Monday night. The 3rd October was the first Thursday and wow was it a good one!!! We weren't going to have that much time as you'd probably be getting there about 7.45 and we'd have to go about 9.15, but we did cram a lot in..... So I check in and wait for you to get there - I go back downstairs and as always I pin you to the wall of the lift as we go up to our room. We come together like North and South poles of a magnet kissing deeply immediately, clothes coming off very quickly and I sit or rather sprawl in the armchair. You take a little lube onto your hand and start to ... Read More»

Morning Ass Licking

I woke up on my stomach hearing the alarm clock at 7:15am. I looked over at him and lifted up a little to come over to him lying on his back. I kissed him after saying good morning then smiled at him, to let him know I wanted him to do what I find irresistible for him to do for me in the morning. I fell back onto my stomach spreading my legs pulling a pillow under my stomach as I bent my knees a little and he crawled behind me grabbing hold of my legs still in black fishnet stockings from the night before. I had my ass in the air and I buried my head into my pillow as I felt his warm dripping tongue briskly move over my asshole. I groaned and sighed as I take extreme pleasure in his tongue beginning to move all over my ass crease and I could feel his saliva ... Read More»

Peggy's Real Life Confessions Chapter 02

Writing a narrative about one’s personal adventures and posting them on a website for the world to see and read certainly takes a bit of courage, I’ll have to say. But, the resulting e-mails and the very heated responses have certainly made it worthwhile. As mentioned in my posting here, I am a very married working mom of 47. My husband is now 70, and as a result of age, his interests have turned from sex to those of work and golf. Although he was a wonderful sex partner during the early years of our marriage, I found my sexual drive and interests have increased since age 40, just as his have decreased. This true confession deals with a real life sexual event that took place right after we were first married. I landed a job as a flight attendant a few years ... Read More»