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Black Daddy

It was a hot day that summer and sitting on the porch of our little farm house I was glad that graduation was over and done with. I'd decided that now that I was nineteen I was going to move away from this place. It was one thing when mother hired that black stud from jig town to do the farm work. It was something else again when she started letting him shower and clean up in the house but when she took him into her bed that was the last straw. I begged her to send him back to the barn were he belonged. He had a nice little room with a bathroom and everything down there. It was just two damn embarrassing to have the whole county know a black man was banging my mother. I was mortified but at least I was glad I'd graduated before Joseph had started working on our ... Read More»

Squash mit Babsy auf dem Court

Mit Babsy, meiner Kollegin aus der Buchhaltung, hatte ich schon häufig Squash gespielt. Danach noch zwei Saunagänge und ein Bier am Tresen – wir verstanden uns gut. Mehr war aber nicht. Bis zu diesem Abend in letzten November. Sie hatte Wert darauf gelegt, daß wir auf Court 3 spielen. Warum, wurde mir erst viel später klar. Ungewöhnlich war auch, daß sie in einem super kurzen Tennisrock erschien. Sonst trug sie immer Boxershorts. Das Spiel begann ganz normal. Wir schlugen ein paar Bälle, um uns warm zu machen, bevor wir um Punkte spielten. Kurz vor Ende des ersten Satzes, ich wollte gerade aufschlagen, bückte sich Babsy, um die Schnürsenkel neu zu binden. Das war ein Anblick: Sie stand da, die Knie durchgedrückt, die Beine etwas gespreizt und den ... Read More»

Pool time for Wanda

Hello, my name is Wanda and I am writing about what happened at the beginning of what I call my summer of dirty fun that happened last year. First a little about me, I am 37 5'6 and around 190 to 215 pounds with above the shoulder brown hair and brown eyes with a 38DD chest in case you were all wondering. I'm not in the greatest of shape but not completely flabby either but after two kids my boobs aren't nice and perky like they used to be. I am married and we live in a nice subdivision that has its own park, tennis court, and swimming pool which is paid for by our home owners' association fees. In other words, it's sort of a private pool for the neighbors who actually pay. Anyway back to my story. One day in early June, my husband was out of town as usual, the ... Read More»

I watched my wife Wanda fuck a black man

I finished my third beer and rubbed my eyes. I was a little p.o.'d with myself that I hadn't been able to figure out what to do. This whole mess was really beginning to bug the hell out of me. A couple hours and a couple beers and I could usually nail just about any problem I ever had. But damn ! I didn't know what to do about this one. And the worst part of it was that I'd caused the entire thing myself. Pandora's box was open and I couldn't get it shut again. Wanda and I have been married a couple of years now. Second try for both of us. She's a totally amazing woman. My first marriage ended when I caught my wife in bed with my boss - I swore after that, I'd never be able to trust another woman enough to love her. Wanda changed my mind. She opened my heart up ... Read More»

My cheating wife Wanda went black

My cheating wife Wanda black cock whore………… I came home from work unusually early, I made my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. I heard some weird noise coming from up stairs on the second floor where the bedrooms are and decided to go up and find out what it was. When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear the sounds coming from our bedroom, they sounded like sexual sounds. Quietly I approached our bedroom door that was left wide open and peeked inside to see what the fuck was going on. I was totally blown away when low and behold I saw my wife Wanda on our bed fucking a damn stranger, a fuckin big black guy no less! I was shocked to say the very damn least! Hell I just stood there watched em fuckin for at least an hour and 30 very long hard ... Read More»

Mature woman gets gangbanged

Angry! That’s what I am. I raised two grown boys—handsome, good boys—with my husband of 29 years. I did everything for him. I even held back my sexual desires and fantasies because he was “uncomfortable” with them. Nothing but the same, boring missionary position one week after the next. But all it took was an empty-headed secretary with fake tits to make him “discover” sex! And, you know, I’m not fat or ugly or anything like that. People tell me all the time: “Angelique, you look damned good!” I like my strong build: large, satisfying hips. I see guys look at my hips and ass all the time, and full, round, natural breasts. My waist is still surprisingly large and my brassy brown hair falls in loose curls down my back. I look really good at 45 years old. So, a ... Read More»

the best part of sharing my wife Wanda pt.1

Part 1…………… There are lots of things I enjoy about sharing my wife Wanda with all these other men. The prepping, shaving and lotion applied to her bbw body before her date arrives. The mental anticipation I experience leading up to her fucking. The numerous images I jack off too of hotwives being fucked and satisfied by their strong virile lovers. Their facial and bodily expressions and pure euphoria they feel while being penetrated by a satisfying huge cock. You can’t forget the initial deep breath when she first allows his entry into her either. That’s cock hardening within itself. But I have to say the most sexual and erotic moment of sharing my wife Wanda, for me, is when she takes his powerful cock in her hands. The way she delicately feels his full ... Read More»


This story was rewritten by me hope yall like it………… A cheating wife gets a pleasant surprise It was a Tuesday morning and I'd forgotten some documents I needed; I'd left them at home. I would have to go back home to get them. As I pulled into my street I saw a strange car parked at the top of my driveway but thought nothing of it at that point. I drove into the garage, went into the house and then heard strange noises coming from upstairs. My wife Wanda was home, which was unusual as she usually went shopping Tuesday mornings. I quietly and slowly climbed the stairs and it became evident that something was happening in our bedroom. The door was left wide open and I could see her on the bed, legs spread apart wide, being fucked hard by some black stranger. ... Read More»

Angelique's experience with cock sizes

My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. She said she didn't understand why guys were so hung up on size. "Size doesn't really matter" she said. I said, really guys weren't the ones hung up on the size of a damn cock, but it was the women who were fascinated with it. I said "the women not hung up on size are the one's that haven't had a really big dick yet." "What do you mean?" she said. I said, "Angelique if you ever had a bigger dick, you would probably go wild as shit." "I think you're big enough for me baby, she said." "Why do you think that black guys are bigger than white guys?" Sounding really intrigued. You must understand, my wife was extremely conservative. Just getting her ... Read More»

Walmart Trucker

Here it is the night before I leave for a week on the beaches of Mexico and I’m stuck working until 10 p.m. On the way home I found a text message on my phone from my roommate asking me to call him. I called and he said we needed some last minute supplies from the local Walmart store. There was one on the way home and it was open 24 hours. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed an 18 wheeler backing up in the lot. The trailer was covered in 50 lb bags of top soil, roped down and secured. The light was on inside the cab and I could barely make out what looked to be a stocky Hispanic driver. Sure enough, I rolled my window down as I passed by and there he was - Hispanic, somewhere between 28 and 38 years old. He parked the rig, looked at me, looking at him but ... Read More»

A Taste of White Meat

Goes without saying that I ain’t using my man’s real name, trashy ass sportswriters would have themselves too much fun dragging his black ass over the coals for some of what I got to say and he don’t need the humiliation of the rest of what I got to say. I’m just gonna call him Hollis, I always wanted me a man named Hollis. Anyhow, he’s basically a good man. It was just that the season was real tough on him this year, the team not playing up to expectations and all and him fighting all them nagging injuries and taking all that flak. If the fool hadn’t taken it all out on me right before leaving for that East Coast swing none of the following shit would have happened. But, he did and it did and even though I got me some regrets about cheating on the man, I ... Read More»

I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor

I live next door to this really nice black couple; they have a teenage age son that is very, very cute. He is 18 years old and has a slender build, but I find myself fantasizing about him every time I saw him. I can't stop the thoughts from invading my head whenever I see him outside. My husband travels a lot so I have plenty of time alone at night thinking about Gary, and what he would do to me. One morning I hear a knock on the door, I open it up and it is Gary. "Hi Denise, I missed my ride to school and my parents have already left, I hate to ask but could you drive me to school?" As Gary spoke I couldn't help but notice him staring at me, oh god I forgot what I was wearing, I was almost ready to leave for work and was brushing my teeth. ... Read More»

Black Safari for Sophie part 1

During my many exploits on the African continent I witnessed a number of interracial occurrences. Those I can verify but I also heard many stories of pure black lust prior to my setting foot on that continent. Many were inconsequential but others were more intriguing. There is indeed a dark side of mankind that spreads it's tentacles throughout the world and Africa certainly has had it's share. Many countries of this continent have a very prominent history and have given much to the benefit of society. Science, sociological and of course the birthplace of the human species are derived from this marvelous array of lands. We read about this in history books and current writings but we are deprived of some of the inner dark history of the beast called "man." ... Read More»

My hot encounter with Y

I've gotten to know Y through a dating site back in early 2010. We had a good chemistry online and soon started talking by other means of communication as well. Eventually, I decided that after being single for a longer time, I might as well give a relationship a shot again and that I'd try this with Y. So we agreed to meet each other in Jakarta in March. Y is originally from Pasuruan, so it was a nice gesture of her to come all the way from there to Jakarta to meet me. We picked Grand Indonesia as our meeting point. I was there in time and on my way to Starbucks, where we agreed to meet. I looked around and saw a tall, shy-looking Y, holding her purse. The day before we met, we had a bigger fight over the phone, because Y came to Jakarta unannounced and as a ... Read More»

Teach's Darq Secrets

Sarah Dickens sat alone at the table sipping her coffee. Around her mums and their young children went merrily about discussing the holidays and shopping. It was such a foreign concept to her: family. She had grown up in a string of caring and decent, if not permanent, foster homes. Her mum had been a drunken slag, who vacillated between beating and neglecting her young child. At the age of four, Sarah had been taken into care following a particularly brutal attack that left a nasty burn scar over much of her back. Even twenty-three years later that scar had faded very little. Her first home had been with a very nice older woman, who had grown children. But less than a year into the placement, Mama Grace had fallen and broken her leg. She had been unable to ... Read More»