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Geiler Dreier

Jana und Sabine, beide in den 30-ern, sind zwei aufregende Frauen. Sie haben so manchen „Sturm“ miteinander überstanden. Das kommende Wochende wollen sie in Ruhe miteinander verbringen. Sie wollen sich wieder auf dem Wochendgrundstück von Jana treffen. Wegen unterschiedlicher Arbeitszeiten vereinbarten sie getrennt mit dem Auto anzureisen. Keine weitere Person sollte von dem gemeinsamen Wochende wissen. Wie sich später herausstellte, konnte Sabine ihr Plappermäulchen nicht halten. Das Wetter war hervorragend. Es schien die Sonne und im Schatten waren es um die 20 Grad. Sabine war als erste auf dem Grundstück. Mit dem Zweitschlüssel verschaffte sie sich Zugang. Zunächst erledigte sie die Vorbereitungsarbeiten. Dann holte sie zwei Liegen aus dem ... Read More»


The last of our friends leave, which leaves us alone in her room and the entire house. I sit nervously next to her on the bed, and drink some of my beer. The only thing I can think about is what happened last night. I'm too embarrassed to bring it up, but she does it for me. "So... about last night," she says, just as nervous as I am. We both suddenly laugh very loud, the tension disappearing. "I can't believe you actually stuck your finger in me like that!" I say. "Right there in front of those guys!" She grins sheepishly. "Well, I was just trying to impress them," she says. "Sorry if I freaked you out." Not wanting to alienate my best friend, I shake my head. "No, no, it just felt really weird and unexpected," I tell her, trying to make her ... Read More»

The Young Widow Chapter 04

Jen was impressed as the car rolled through the gaited community. As Anne pulled up to her in-laws house, Jen was even more impressed. The house was huge with a circular driveway and a large door. The inside of the house was even more elaborate than Jen could ever remember seeing. It looked like something out of a TV show or a movie. Anne's in-laws were nice and pleasant and very happy to see the kids. Anne introduced Jen to them explaining her predicament because of the weather. The girls didn't stay long and ran out to the car trying not to get too wet. The mall was only about 15 minutes away. It was an upscale mall and one that Jen and her friends didn't go too much because it was just too pricey. Anne drove her BMW SUV to a covered driveway and a couple ... Read More»

Waiting for the Longships

Astrid looked across the room at her son illuminated by the fire but obscured by the mist of its smoke. She hoped he wouldn't wake up and wonder what his parents were doing on the straw mattress opposite. Not that he wasn't used to the lovemaking Thorvald and she enjoyed together, especially after the long night of feasting that led to this moment of passion. It never bothered Thorvald, of course. And it certainly wouldn't tonight after all the ale he'd drunk. It was Astrid's duty to give pleasure to him, hoping as always that she might be blessed by another son as a result of his exertions. Thorvald thrust away, caring little as to how his wife might feel. In any case, it was unlikely he'd last very long until his passion was defeated by his inebriation. ... Read More»

Keeping Warm

Januaries are always cold in the upper Midwest. This year, though, has been the coldest we've seen in a long time. But, despite high natural gas prices and low temperatures, our house had been comfortably warm throughout the cold spell until the day my husband, Michael, an airline pilot, left for his monthly four day trip to Europe. Suddenly our almost new, high efficiency, just out of warranty gas furnace, Michael's proudest home improvement, stopped - you'll excuse the expression - cold. Frantic calls to the company with our service contract brought only vague promises of help "by sometime tomorrow." Even more frantic calls to the "round the clock repair service guys" brought either more vague promises or outright refusals to hazard a guess as to when a ... Read More»

Earning Her Place In The Coven

Sarah was on top of the world. She looked at herself in the mirrored wall of the elevator as it rode her to her level and she liked what she could see. At 27 she was being tipped to be one of the best litigators in the Bay area and was truly liked by all the people she worked with. She remembered Selene's comments about being able to be tough but not give anyone the chance to think her a bitch. 'Never ride the people on the way up, they will be there waiting for your fall from grace with glee, show them sweetness and honesty and they will love you'. As she dwelled on Selene the elevator stopped and churned her out on the 27th floor. As she went past reception she smiled at Becki who handed her some fax with urgent written on whilst she answered the phone. ... Read More»

Mary had a Hot Ram Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Mary Wilson had a little lamb. His fleece was white as snow and he followed her to school and all that shit, but the nursery rhyme stuff stopped there -- because the little lamb grew up to be a horny ram. The ram was a powerful creature with swept-back horns, mighty shoulders and piledriver haunches. He remained white except for a black face and black rings around his legs just above the nimble cloven hoofs. He had golden eyes. He had the long flowing beard of a patriarch, but his balls were full of youthful cum. He had a huge prick and massive balls. In the prime of life, the ram would have been ready to challenge all other rams for the right to fuck the fat, woolly ewes that grazed on the green hillside, for he knew his rightful place. ... Read More»

Sarah And Kelly

I heard Sarah's dad yell before I even pushed the doorbell. "Sarah! Your little friend's here!" He must have heard me walk up the porch. I stood up a little straighter and smiled, waiting for him to open the door. Not that he would have noticed my posture or expression anyway - he was blind - but whenever I was at Sarah's I always wanted to look my best. "Kelly!" he said to me in his big voice, and ushered me inside. "Hi Mr. McAllan. It's good to see you again. Is Sarah up in her room?" I shifted my backpack from one shoulder to the other as I talked. It was heavy, and I was horribly nervous. "Sure is! Been up there all morning, only came down for breakfast." He paused and cocked his head to the side for a minute, as if to listen for Sarah's protest from ... Read More»

Sugar Shack

Kendra pulled the note out of her pocket and read it again. Kendra, I'm sorry that I've hurt you. What we had was great. But, we both know that it's time to move on. I hope that someday you can look back on this and not hate me. Mike That was the umpteenth time that she had read the note this past month. Each time she read it, there were less tears and more anger. After all, she had worked her ass off at the Sugar Shack for low wages and crappy tips for the past five years to help put Mike through school. To make matters worse, she had come home to find him fucking Amber, the slut from down the hall. The night that she had found them together, she had closed the diner early. With the new restaurant across the street sucking up all their customers, ... Read More»


You don't remember if you even had a choice. You do remember hitting Main Street on the first weekend of Bike Week, out with the girls from work. You do remember drinking a shitload of Margaritas and arguing with Kerri Ann about the number of bikers in Daytona this year. You don't recall when she imposed herself in your group or when she began to take your side, but she agreed that bike week was more spread out but also more watered down than years before. What gets you are those piercing green eyes that hold your attention even while the conversation shifts to other people and things. At one point, you notice her licking her lips as if she were the cat, you the canary, and a shiver courses through you. It is when she too quickly comes to your rescue, that you ... Read More»

Labor Day Lesbian Rapture

Even as I write this I have to stop to catch my breath, because writing is a form of reliving, and reliving the intensity of my extraordinary last evening with these diabolically beautiful tormentors is almost unbearable – unbearable because of their absence. Somehow or other Gwen and Heather divined my essence and reached my core. I'm ashamed of this, ashamed of having found out what I want and wanted, and the only way I figure I can work through this is to write about it, in every memorable detail. I hope it doesn't become tedious, so bear with me. I guess the other thing for readers to know is that you really have to be in 'the mood' to be turned on by what I'm about to describe, you have to have that naughty horny feeling ahead of time... At least ... Read More»

I Got My Pussy Fisted By A Girl

Wow ! Some of the things I'm doing these days really freak me out. It's all pretty kinky. I remember when I used to think stuff like this was just trashy and really perverted. I never thought of myself like that. Well, not before I met her, anyway. She brings out the best in me - or maybe it's the worst, I don't know. Guess it all depends on how you want to look at it. Me and Jake got married right out of high school. I more or less just married him because I wanted to leave home. I liked him ok, but he was nothing special. Thirteen and a half years later, we'd both had enough (or maybe not enough) and decided to hang it up - no hard feelings from either side. It was just over, that's all. The divorce was painless enough - we had no children and he didn't want ... Read More»

Delicious Strawberries

"'re so delicious," Silvia said in a seductive tone as she licked the excess whip cream from the corners of her mouth and reached for another strawberry from the bowl beside her, all the while starring into Pamela, her roommate's, pussy. Her cunt covered over with pearl white whip cream, Pamela shuttered as she lay back and felt the pointed end of the luscious fruit slid down her pussy lips. She starred blankly at the ceiling as body tingled from Silvia's feasting which teased the delicate fibers of her between her legs. After swallowing most of the strawberry, Silvia slid her hands down Pamela's legs, her lips not far behind until finally her finger tips found her succulent pussy. She glided her fingers on either side of her pussy lips, and ... Read More»

How Clean

I started this job at the beginning of summer. I admit I only got the job so I could be near the beach all day and wear those tight little uniforms. Ok so maybe not the last bit. I’m a housekeeper for one of the many condos that line Perdido Beach. My family says I’m in a dead end job and I need to do better for myself. The fact is, they don’t know all the services I provide for the patrons of the Seagull. I hadn’t always done the extras. And I don’t do them for all the folks there. Just the women. It was a day like any other, the sun was shinning and the water sparkled. I got my list of rooms to be cleaned and grabbed my cart. The first room of the day took me up to the 17th floor. I’d never been up there, and was excited cause I knew the view was going to be ... Read More»

The Awakening

If she had to blame it on anyone, it would be the drywall guy. One moment she was sailing along threw her somewhat placid and predictable life, relatively content with herself and everyone else, giving and getting no more or less than she felt was deserved. The next moment she's face to face with her own sexuality. Forced to stay home while the drywall guy plastered the new addition, she quickly ran out of things to do. Sitting there with the gray tarp between them, listening to him breath as he applied the plaster, she found herself imagining what he'd be like. She could just see him throwing her over the back of the couch and taking her from behind. He would say things too, like "take it bitch." And he would make her touch herself. Her pussy ... Read More»