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A nudists tale !! F(i)KK !!

A while ago, I went home to visit my home country (If you know me or have read my postings, you'll know where thats at !) As now a days I am only a visitor, naturally I stay with my volks and cant really be myself or live our lifestyle !! However when I still lived in my country I used to enjoy to go to open air nudist swinger parties and nudist camping sites and basically all kinds of nudist happenings and venues!! So after being with my volks all week and being the good son I decided, to take the weekend off and be myself, party a little and what better place to do that legitimately, than at a nudist camping site. The camp site was about 25 kilometers away and almost impossible to reach by public transportation. Since I dont have a car and didnt want to ... Read More»

Masturbating to orgasm on the night train

I took the night train in a shared car and started to get really aroused thinking about the strangers around me. It was a little scary, being so close to someone – a good looking guy to be sure, but if he wasn’t comfortable with someone cumming hard just over him, there really wasn’t any place to go. It was a bit high stakes, but that just added to the pleasure. This was shot in the night train’s night light mode, no additional light, so the pictures have a lot of noise, but you can clearly see what I’m doing, how hard my nipples get – clearly visible even in the dark, and how deep my hand went into my pussy as I started to cum. At first I was a little uncomfortable, and just slipped my tits out of my top and started playing with my nipples – once my ... Read More»

Pantyhose Role Play

We had been seeing each other for about four months and this evening we decided to do a little role-playing. I told her I wanted her to dress up and wear lingerie and pantyhose. She agreed to this with a wicked smile. I got the romantic dinner ready while she took a shower and then got ready in the bedroom. I made grilled chicken breasts topped with marinara sauce and cheese, her favorite. I had the wine out and chilling when she came out. She was so hot I barely could serve dinner. We really didn't eat that much, of food anyway. I had soft music on so we started to dance and feel our way around each other's bodies. I am a big man, 6’2” with 48" shoulders, which made lifting her up quite easy. I grabbed her one hand by her crotch and the other by her ass ... Read More»

Happiness Is A Prop Gun

Carrie Pershing blinked, reread her last sentence, and quickly deleted it, shaking her head at the pitfalls of stream-of-consciousness blogging. Almost without thinking, she removed her sandal and pitched it at the wall in the direction of the sound. In the pause that followed the loud *thunk*, she yelled, "Keep it down, you three, you'll have the whole hotel up here complaining!" She couldn't be sure, but was that a muffled "Kiss my ass" from the other room? Carrie smirked, kicked off her other sandal, and returned to her tour blog, but her train of thought had long since departed. She stared out the window for inspiration, but the sight of yet another cornfield in yet another heat wave was perhaps not the source of inspiration she was looking for. In the ... Read More»

The Sybian Club Chapter 04

Tasha nearly laughed with delight when she led Daisy back into the living room. The entire group of women stood and cheered! The redhead did laugh, blushing prettily as she took a seat. She was surrounded immediately by a crowd of eager women asking, how was it? What was it like? Tasha just smiled, pulling another name out of the fishbowl. The cheer that went up when she announced the name of the next rider was music to her ears. She hadn't been wrong, though, about it being a long night. Up and down the stairs she went, leading nervous women in and bringing ecstatic women out. The change in them was incredible, and as the night wore on, and the women relaxed, the gathering upstairs turned into more of a party. Tasha had left a sign-up sheet on the buffet for ... Read More»

Monday Morning Masturbation

There had always been something different about him, something special and unique. Maybe it was his way with words that never failed to stir and arouse her as if he were speaking directly to her soul. Perhaps it was the fact that his dark desires matched her own so closely. Maybe it was the fact that he was unattainable, separated by distance and circumstance. Maybe it was simply because he had a presence that transcended the miles and touched her. But her lust for him remained constant, sometimes smoldering beneath the surface, other times raging like a furnace. It was in one of these states that she found his mail describing a provocative fuck. It was a hot sweaty fuck in a deserted gym. He'd come upon her while she was exercising and before she could object ... Read More»

Mary had a Hot Ram Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Mary Wilson had a little lamb. His fleece was white as snow and he followed her to school and all that shit, but the nursery rhyme stuff stopped there -- because the little lamb grew up to be a horny ram. The ram was a powerful creature with swept-back horns, mighty shoulders and piledriver haunches. He remained white except for a black face and black rings around his legs just above the nimble cloven hoofs. He had golden eyes. He had the long flowing beard of a patriarch, but his balls were full of youthful cum. He had a huge prick and massive balls. In the prime of life, the ram would have been ready to challenge all other rams for the right to fuck the fat, woolly ewes that grazed on the green hillside, for he knew his rightful place. ... Read More»

Mirror Mirror

I feel your eyes on me, watching, and am roused from my book. Looking up at you leaning against the door, I smile in welcome. I’ve no idea how long you’ve been standing there but there’s an intensity about you that I’ve become familiar with and my body automatically quickens in response. My smile slowly fades and my own eyes become equally intense. “Come here,” you say softly, seriously, intensely… Unfolding my legs, I stand and walk over to you. Gently, you tug on the band holding my ponytail and my hair falls past my shoulders. Burying your hands in my hair you tilt my face up for your kiss. I open my mouth to receive you, our breath blending, melding together and tongues meeting. A slow liquid fire begins in my center and melts through my body. I relax ... Read More»

Aunty Milked Me Like A Cow

My s****r’s marriage got fixed recently. Because of that, now she is not sent out for any jobs including as the helping hands of the milking lady. In my s****rs place amma decided to send me instead as it would give some money, however small it might be. Reluctantly I had to go to the milker’s house in my summer vacation. Her house was a small one. I called out her name and she came out. She was in her traditional mundu and blouse dress. Probably since being at home, she was not using any thorthemunde as pallu to cover her enormous big boobs or the cleavage. I was instantly awestruck by the figure in front of me. She was sweating probably from the work she was doing inside. Her navel was so deep and her cone like shaped blouse and the cleavage above it was ... Read More»

Fiona Finn - Fine Gold

My name is B..., well, alright, Bill. You won't know much about me unless you've read another story I shared on Literotica some time ago, but I think only Fiona read that. The other story was about Fiona and me. I can give you the short version. An internet flirtation led me take a trip to the frozen North to see a red-haired lady musician play bass with her rock band 2000 miles from my home. The show at a municipal auditorium was fine and I hung around the stage entrance afterward just like any groupie hoping to get some attention from someone in a band. I succeeded in getting Fiona's attention. We went for drinks, talked, flirted and ended up cavorting naked in a big, king size hotel bed. Fiona cleaned my clock; I was thoroughly smitten, and I decided I ... Read More»

Alone Together

She awoke, smiled, and rolled over to look at the clock. Too, early! Why am I awake now? I should be exhausted after last night! She lay there frowning, then, remembering, smiled again. She moved closer toward him, reaching out to touch him. But no, her hand stopped, hovering an inch above his body. As much as she wanted him, needed him right now, she wouldn't wake him just now. Let him sleep. Yes, let him sleep, he'd been working hard this past week, and he needed to rest on the weekend. Still smiling, yes, especially after last night's session. Whew, the passion, the lust, the love, she'd felt coming from him last night, well, from both of them really; it felt like the first time they'd made love. She lay back, sighing, remembering. She felt her nipples ... Read More»

Sally's Small Breasts Chapter 02

The memory of that first date with Sally was a night I will cherish the rest of my life. Little did I know, our relationship was about to go to heights I'd never imagined. I had stumbled upon this incredibly confident sexy young vixen who, not only seemed ready to blossom but was also destined to change my sexual persona forever. By telling Sally their stories and sexual exploits, her sisters had nurtured a sexual yearning that few 20-year old women have, and I was the lucky one destined to share her journey. For weeks after our first date, we shared every evening together. Since my roommates were gone for the summer, we took advantage of the privacy. We rarely went out, we spent virtually every evening in bed exploring each other's body and trying anything ... Read More»

The Cowboy Chapter 03

I raced toward my house so that I could get my thoughts out about the day in my journal. While I was online, I decided to leave a message for him through the online messenger. > I must say that today was an absolute blast, and I have not been kissed like that in a LONG time. You made it very hard for me to decide to leave! me when you get home so I know you're safe, and I look forward to doing it again sometime! ;) I shut down the computer and took off my over shirt. The lack of a bath and the afternoon's energetic proceedings left me feeling sticky and dirty. I ran the hottest water I could stand and pulled my hair back. Pouring a little lavender bath salt in the tub and swirling it around, I reached around my waist to pull up my shirt ... Read More»

Pre-Party Fun

I walk into the kitchen, and see you washing the dishes. We are about to host our first party at the new house, so naturally you want everything to look perfect. So after we got dressed and ate a quick dinner of pizza, you washed the dishes with the half-hour before people were due to arrive. I walk up behind you and hold you tight to me from behind, pulling your ass into my hardening cock. This is normal for us, so you think nothing of it, other then a comment of the fact that we don't have time for that now, and how it will have to wait. I don't let go, however, having other ideas for the next half-hour. I start kissing your neck softly, as my hands slide over your smooth stomach. One hand slides down the side of your right leg, and begins tracing small ... Read More»

Glass In The Ass Chapter 02

Lying on my bed, I watched my soft tits rise and fall abruptly as I breathed heavily... the visual remnants from my previous mind blowing anal orgasm. Amazingly, my clit was still swollen, unsatisfied and aching. Still, I was too stunned and content to move and my mind started to wander. Recently I was shopping at Macy's and stumbled across a huge sale in the hosiery department. Checking out all the different displays, I found a 75% clearance bin, just my kind of sale! Ecstatic, I started rummaging through the bin and came across both hot pink and electric blue fishnet stockings. Secretly, I always had a thing for fishnets. I found them to be sexy and quite naughty at the same time. Thinking back, I realized I had only worn them about once or twice in my life, ... Read More»