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On this particular day, Wendy decided to go for a jog through her upscale neighborhood. Changing into her running shorts and top, she looked herself over critically in the mirror. In her mid-fifties, she couldn’t let her body go downhill or she would never attract those young guys. Today, however, she liked what she saw in her mirror. Her muscles were toned and her body weighed a slim one-hundred-twenty-nine pounds. On her five-foot-six frame, that looked good. Her ass was nice—round and reasonably firm, and her boobs stuck out nice and firm. They were perfect globes that looked good. She knew from the compliments she always received that there was no problem in that area. They were a perfect 34-C with nice pink nipples if someone needed to know. She had ... Read More»

Wendy obscene bikini

Wendy checked the look in the mirror. It was an obscene bikini, little more than three tiny triangles and some string. She turned this way and that, excitement a thrill down in her pussy. It was less than twenty-four hours since her husband’s car had moved down the street away from the house, time enough for Wendy to get herself serviced by two twenty-year-old boys. It had been hours of fucking and sucking their long black dicks. Wendy had taken André and Jordan at the neighbor’s house, putting on a show for the perv next door until she was certain her husband’s flight was in the air. After that she’d entertained the boys in her home. It had been debauchery, cheating sex in the marital bed after sucking their cocks in the living room. Those boys, two ... Read More»


DIANA'S TALES: STUDENT AID PT. 01 All characters are 18 or older. This story was written in collaboration with Diana R. The story starts a little slow as it builds the story, but it gets there. This story features a relationship between an adulterous older white female (53 yo) and a young black man (18 yo). If that doesn't appeal to you, then please save yourself the aggravation. If it does appeal to you, we hope you enjoy. ****** "Diana, I need your help," Marie pleaded on the phone. "We worked together for over 30 years. Look, you know I wouldn't call you if there was another way. I know you're retired, but you've got connections with some of our wealthy and most generous alumni. Your husband works with some of them. You've got extra pull I ... Read More»

Wendys Halloween Time

Wendy’s Halloween Time Flashing and seduction of a younger man Tags: Seduction, MILF, Stockings, Flashing, Fingering Special Thanks to Cal Jack for editing Halloween was approaching in a few weeks and Wendy still didn’t have a costume. In past years, she would dress like Elvira. Did she want to do that again? Wendy loved to tease younger men. She kept herself in great shape for a 50 plus year old woman and she not only loved to tease but if the opportunity arose, she would enjoy a young man or two. With that thought in mind, Wendy decided to go shopping at Adam & Eve for a sexy outfit to best show off her beautiful figure and draw a young man under her spell. After all, Halloween was approaching and she needed to get into the right spirit. ... Read More»

Wendys Young Paperboy

Wendy’s Young Paperboy Wendy is a college counselor at a college. Her job is to counsel the young male students as to what classes they should take for what Major and to help them arrange funding, as most are from low income and with single parents. Wendy had a number of years doing the job she has at the school and she moved up in seniority. She had a private office in a bungalow on the school grounds by the athletic field. Her office was equipped with a restroom that was separating two bungalows. The bungalow on the other side was vacate and has been for some time now. Wendy sometimes would counsel students at home during this COVID scare that was going around the country. Which made matters easier for her to carry on with the desires she had ... Read More»

The cougar Wendy will prey

“While the husband’s away, the cougar will prey, Chapter 1” I’d seen her sometimes in the supermarket, and my Mom had once pointed her out as the wife of one of the directors at the company for which my Dad worked as a storeman. Although I guessed that she was in her late forties or so, I found my admiring gaze drawn to her each time. I was eighteen years old and, due to my shyness, was still a virgin, though I didn’t admit it to my friends. To a eighteen-year old virgin, she was intriguing and arousing: she oozed class, but with a hint of teasing, she was more than twice my age and, as if that were not enough, she was married. I sometimes fantasised about her. I wondered how many times she had had sex. I knew how many times I had done so. She was slim, ... Read More»


DIANA'S TALES - TENNIS PT. 01 Oldbroad76 Disclaimer -- All characters are 18 or older. Author's note -- This story was written in collaboration with Diana R. ****** "Good shot!" I called out as another ball whizzed by. What the hell have I gotten myself into? My husband's nephew, Will, was in town for spring break week with his mother, my sister in law, Carol. He was a freshman at a small university on a tennis scholarship, and he wanted to keep his ground strokes sharp while away from school, so I had promised to dust off my old racket and try to give him some practice. "Good backhand!" I shouted as a two-hander screamed past. I warned my sister-in-law I hardly played anymore, but she had insisted I needed to practice with him, ... Read More»


WELL WHAT HAPPENED WAS Wendy, as frustrated, hubby Trevor was still away in the Alaskan oil field, no doubt freezing the assets of some small oil company, found she was frustrated again, it didn’t take much, as she said to me the other day; I'm a classy woman outside of the bedroom...but once I let go I can be a very classy slut---no one would ever think I do things like this! Trevor had kept in touch saying the job was going to be longer and slower than he had expected, but that`s not the same as being long slow and in Wendy. She had had a wonderful weekend, a distant sensuous memory now, a month in the past and during which she had taken the virginity of three young men in a weekend which as her writer I had been asked to write about triggering I have no ... Read More»

Hello Wendy

Paul and Tyrone became close friends after Tyrone moved into the neighborhood. Tyrone and his mom were the 1st blacks to move in to this middle class neighborhood. Tyrone's dad was killed in Afghanistan. The government assistance and insurance money allowed them to move to a better neighborhood . Paul lived with his divorced mother. Tyrone and Paul spent a lot of time at each other's house, Soon they were talking about how hot each other's mothers were. Both of the boys were not happy with each other talking about their mom's. Paul would try and divert the talk about Tyrone wanting to fuck his mom Into the hot neighbor miss Wendy that lived a few doors up the road. the boys had walked past her house many times, watching her working in the yard With no bra, And ... Read More»

Driving Home

t was late on a Saturday night after having dinner and wine at a bar near campus. My husband was tired from a business trip and wanted to stay home. I had quite a fun evening and managed to polish off a full bottle before leaving. I thought maybe an Uber ride might be a good idea since I’d been drinking, but decided I was fine to drive. I had such a nice evening I decided to detour through a secluded park and unwind. I was thinking of the hot young college men I often saw there, and unconsciously started playing with myself. I was doing too good of a job because I swerved a couple times while I was enjoying the sensation. I guess my swerving didn’t go unnoticed because moments later, there were red and blue lights flashing behind me. I quickly ... Read More»

Wendy takes care of her nephew and his friend

Wendy was a school counselor with a desire for younger guys, and she had plenty to choose from. Wendy’s biggest skill was being able to choose the guys that wouldn't tell. She didn't want the school board or her husband to find out. She would suggest to certain students that they needed some stress relief and she would happily supply it with her hands and mouth. It was school holidays so Wendy was feeling a little neglected. Fortunately her nephew Paul and his friend Chico were coming over to do some work in her garden. Wendy had watched Paul grow from a boy into a man, and had seen Paul looking at her a lot in the past few years, especially around the pool when she wore her bikini's. The boys arrived and it was hot so the took their tops off before they ... Read More»

Wendy Hot Wife and the Young Stud - At Home

You still love him and don’t want it to end but you also have needs. Needs that need to be helped. And if he isn’t going to do it, someone else has. You love your toys as well but you urge to feel skin on skin. It hasn’t been easy for you either since you get eye fucked all day long by these young boys. They have all of this hot teen ass they could be going for but they cannot get their eyes off you. Something about your confidence, how you hold yourself. It doesn’t hurt that you have a rockin bod and you work hard to maintain it. Everyone can see that. These 19-22 year olds with their tight bodies and insatiable appetite for sex. They just want to fuck. Who else better to fuck than the sexy woman they cant get out of their heads. Your dirty mind has been going ... Read More»


ICH war zu mein COUSIN an ein Freitag MIT dem Fahrrad gefahren. BEI ihm auf sein Bett saß als ich von ihm MIT der Hand mir an den OBERSCHENKEL zum SCHWANZ geschoben und dann auch noch von ihm an den schwanz fest gepackt wurde. Ich habe mir das so gefallen lassen VON ihm den schwanz dadurch hart in meiner Hose ne beule am wachsen und ich mich vom COUSIN gesagt bekam das ich mit ihm kommen MUSSTE er noch was zeigen muss das ich mich erst mal von ihm in die Scheune folgte. Wir haben in der Scheune drei alte reisebusse gesehen, dass ich mich in ein rein setzen WOLLTE. MEIN COUSIN und ich gingen nach HINTEN, wobei ich mich an die haltestangen DER DECKE fest gehalten und auch dran gehängt habe das ich mich von mein COUSIN die Hände an die Stangen gefesselt wurde. Ich ... Read More»


Część 9 Wykąpałem się i założyłem majtki miałem nie zakładać skarpetek, ale przypomniało mi się, że bratu bardzo podobał się zapach moich skarpetek, więc założyłem i je. Gdy wszedłem do pokoju doznałem szoku w pokoju siedział przy stole młody szczupły chłopak blondyn o długich włosach ubrany w obcisłą koszulkę i dość luźne spodnie był w wieku Jacka, ale wyglądał na młodszego Jacek przedstawił mi go To jest Robert mój kolega z klasy o którym ci wspominałem przyniósł nam pizzę może z nami zostać. Chłopak uśmiechną się a ja dosiadłem się do stołu obok Jacka a Robert siedział naprzeciwko nas i zaczęliśmy jeść. W pewnym momencie spojrzałem na Jacka a w jego kroczu zobaczyłem nogę Roberta masującą namiot Jacka uśmiechnąłem się tylko i po chwili poczułem i ja nogę ... Read More»

My fist sexual encounter

During the summer of 1978 my neighbor made a decision that would forever change my life. Her name was Carol and she was a short, petite woman in her early 20's. She had short brown hair, small boobs, and a great ass. She rarely wore a bra, making it quite easy to see the outline of her nipples and I got caught staring more than a few times. Late one evening I was working on my dirt bike when she came over wearing a white half shirt and little red shorts asking if I would help move some furniture. When we get to her house, she pointed me towards the kitchen to wash up saying that she'd be right back. A while later she called to me asking me to come to her bedroom. When I enter her room, she motioned for me to sit on the bed while she is walking towards her ... Read More»