Sweaty pleasure with David

Although this adventure happened many years ago, I still remember it like yesterday. I was 25yo and my boyfriend David just 20yo. We were just first month together and I loved my younger boy more and more. One day I finally told David about thing what arouses me so much. I knew David likes to exercise and also saw him few times after hard exercise, all tired and sweaty. I even masturbated few times while imagine petting his sexy body while he is all sweaty and finally once told him what I want to try with him. David wasn't against so we made a plan. We'll go for a weekend to David's parents cottage in nature where David and his sister have an exercise bike.
I felt such aroused, imagine how wild and natural will be his pretty body pouring sweat and finally came the day. We were at the cottage and went to take a shower together. I was kissing him and caressing his body. Then I told him : " David, I love you more and more as my boy, cute and smart and I also love your body. I know your body is such sexy because of your hard exercise. I confessed to you how much I want to pet you all sweaty. It is 95F here, guess 30 minutes riding exercise bike will be enough. He was such sexy in blue shirt and shorts, already sitting on the bike. He started and I could see how hot must he feel. He was sweating more and more and 30 minutes was enough to soak both his shirt and undershirt in sweat. I told him that if is enough, kissed him, wiped his face with towel, gave dry headband and gave him big bottle of ion drink. After he drank it I kissed him again and said : " David, I'm really proud of you because you exercise such hard and you're in great shape, my boy. Sweating is good for your body and makes me such aroused. " I took off his wet shirt and undershirt and saw his body. My boy was all shiny and covered with drops of sweat. My cock was hard and pulsing. " David, your body looks like after bath and I'll pet and caress your body till you reach pleasure you deserve. " I started caressing his body and feel he sweats more and more what made me even more aroused. I did not even touch my dick and it was hard like stone. I put few towels on the bed and let my boy lay down. I was caressing his body and started to play with his dick and said to him : " David, you deserve a pleasure after such hard exercise and I'll pet you and smear drops of sweat on your body and will make you to orgasm ...I love you sweating so much, makes me such aroused dear. " Then I pressed tightly on David's body and found out I absolutely love to smell his body, his personal scent after such intense sweating. As getting closer to orgasm, he was sweating more and more, moaning louder and louder and I finally let him cum. His orgasm was so strong I had to hold him. : " David, guess you had a nice orgasm and I love so much your body sweating and love to smell you, just start play slowly with my dick and let me press to you... Yes, David, I feel such arousal, slowly caress my dick, I want to last for a while yet. " I had hard time to move from his body but made it, was kissing him for a while and said : " Now please finish me but let me press to your body. I'm so full I'll cum like crazy .. " David said : " Wish you cum all over my sweaty body, come my boy... " And finally came my orgasm, the pleasure was so strong I don't remember much, only directing my dick to his body and cumming so much I could not believe. It was like white flood allover David's body. David smiled at me and said : " You must really love my sweaty body, Patrik. "
Then we were kissing for a while and I was hugging my dear boy and than together went to shower. The rest of evening I was taking care of my tired boy and had to give him lots of fluids to drink after 2 hours of intense sweating.
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