Wendy Frustrated

Wendy Frustrated
Special Thanks to Ted’s help in writing this with my inputs.

Wendy lay in bed alone feeling sexually frustrated. Her husband, an oil worker was away, as he was quite a lot of the time, and she really wanted some good hard sex. The retired university student counselor, who kept her body in amazing shape, had almost a constant thirst for sex and it had been easy when she was a student counselor where she almost had a string of young university students, often muscular jocks, on tap and once she teased them with her long legs or wearing a thin blouse that showed of her very firm C cup breasts they were almost putty in her hands and she had spent many an hour giving hand and blow jobs to them, often in her office or in her car after work hours.

Since her retirement she had managed to find another ready supply of young men by hanging around a nearby skate park, sitting on a bench, pretending to have her lunch but carefully scanning the young men there for suitable targets, but it was now winter and often raining so there were many days when that wasn’t an option. As Wendy thought about how she could increase her chances of finding a stream of young men to fuck her she reached for her favorite toy and as she fucked herself with it her mind flashed back to all the nice long, thick young cocks she had tasted. Her arousal grew until she reached a huge orgasm before drifting off to sleep still thinking of young, muscular men.

The following morning Wendy woke early and decided to go for a brisk walk around her neighborhood, partly to help maintain her athletic body but also to scour her local surroundings for potential suitors. Wendy was so horny she even popped her Ben wa balls into her tight, moist pussy. Whilst on her walk Wendy received a phone call from a former colleague, June, at the college where she worked. Although Wendy knew June they had never worked together as June worked in the department dealing with overseas students so Wendy was surprised to get a call from her. Only a minute into the call Wendy smiled to herself as she thought the subject of the call may well help her satisfy her lust for young cock.

June continued explaining to Wendy that one of her responsibilities was to find accommodation for the overseas students, usually small apartments, often shared, however on some occasions the student arrived in country a few days before their formal rental agreement started, generally due to limited flight dates from their country of origin. As the university supplied the accommodation as part of the package the students paid for they were always keen to reduce costs and usually tried to place the student with a local household, for which the householder received payment sufficient to cover all costs. One of the householders on their list was having renovation work done so she was reaching out to anyone who could help fill the void. June further explained to Wendy that as she had, until recently, been on the university, staff all her clearances and checks were still valid and as she had retired June was hoping she could help out.

As June spoke and explained the various financial benefits Wendy’s mind flashed through images of having a sexy young man around the house for a few days at a time and what she could get up to with such an individual. “I’d be delighted to help out!” Wendy found herself saying almost before she’d really thought too much about it. June, sounding very pleased with the response then told Wendy that they had a young man coming over from Africa, arriving on Friday but his apartment wasn’t available until the following Monday so asked if Wendy could help out at such short notice. Wendy assured June it would be fine, smiling to herself at the fact she had struck lucky so quickly. June arranged to bring the young man around early Friday afternoon and told Wendy that they could do the paperwork then as with her history already known there would be very little to do.

Wendy continued her walk home with such a brisk bounce in her step her Ben wa balls moved around and vibrated so much inside her she almost orgasm’d on her doorstep. Wendy showered and then busied herself, writing a list of things to buy, like food and drink, and also what clothes she needed ready for the weekend as Friday was only in two days time. Clearly she needed something fairly respectable and conservative for the Friday to greet the young man and June but then she needed a couple of sets of loose fitting, revealing clothing should she wish to tempt him.

Friday arrived quickly and Wendy was waiting in a pair of jeans, which still showed off her shapely bottom, whilst being conservative, and a zip up hoodie, with the university logo on it. What was less evident was the fact that under her hoodie she was wearing one of her half cup bras that made her form 34C cup breasts look even bigger. June arrived a few minutes before 2 PM and as she walked up the driveway Wendy’s mouth was already drooling at the sight of the young man who was walking next to her. He was well over six feet tall and had a slender but muscular build. His skin was as black as coal and his pearl white teeth glowed in his face as he smiled at his host for the next few days. Wendy invited them both inside and introductions were done at which time Wendy discovered that the young student was called Adi, a nineteen year old student from Nigeria.

From the outset Wendy could tell that this was going to be a good weekend, she could almost sense Adi looking her up and down and mentally undressing her as Wendy chatted to June and they completed some paperwork. After some more chat about the overseas student programmer and arranging a time on Monday when June would collect Adi June finally left a little after 3 PM.

Wendy had originally intended to take her time in seducing the young athletic man she was now host to for the next couple of days but she was convinced that Adi was as horny as she was, added to that was the fact that the material of her hoodie was constantly rasping over her exposed and now throbbing nipples, so she decided it was time to start her plan, without making it totally obvious just in case the young man was offended and reported her to June. Wendy offered Adi something to drink, telling him she had purchased some beer for him if he would like. The two of them sat at the kitchen table drinking, Adi beer and Wendy wine, talking about Adi’s life back in Nigeria. Wendy asked him if he had a girlfriend and Adi informed her he had nobody. As he spoke he looked a little sad when he went on to tell Wendy that because of his studies and moving around a lot he had found it very hard to have female company.

This was all music to Wendy’s ears and she asked Adi if he could tell her more about his home life. “Maybe we could look up your village on google maps?” Wendy suggested. When Adi agreed Wendy took him through to her home office. Once there Wendy took a seat in front of her computer, although she had another folding seat tucked away she made Adi stand next to her as she fired up the computer. Adi was busy looking around at all Wendy’s certificates and photos on the wall and didn’t notice Wendy lower the zipper of her hoodie to the point where Wendy knew when Adi looked down from beside her he would have a clear view of the top of her pert C cup breasts, propped up by her half cup bra.

Once logged in to google maps Wendy asked Adi to type the name of his village into the search bar and slid the keyboard towards him slightly, but at an angle so when he leant down to type his eyes would be looking directly at her exposed cleavage. Adi leant forward to type and couldn’t help notice the mature woman’s tanned cleavage, he didn’t know Wendy but he knew women and he was sure that her zipper wasn’t down so low by accident. His mouth drooled at the thought of getting his hands and mouth on the soft fleshy orbs just inches from his face, He felt blood rushing to his huge cock. Ari was momentarily in a trance and found himself unable to type. Wendy knew the effect she was having on the young black man, her tits could tempt any man, and she softly said “Is there something else you’d rather look at than your village right now?”

Wendy didn’t even give Adi chance to answer, she knew his eyes were fixed on her tits, as she unfastened her zipper all the way and exposed her tits, her nipples standing proud and throbbing. Adi stood transfixed for a few seconds before he reached his hands out and cupped the magnificent tits before him. Seconds later the rampant black student was mauling and sucking on Wendy,s tits as if he had never seen a pair before. As Adi sucked on Wendy’s exposed, now hard nipples, they throbbed and sent tingles down to her pussy. She knew she was going to let the black student fuck her but there was something Wendy craved first.

She loved cum, especially young virile black cum and she hadn’t had any for a while by her standards. She reached out, feeling for Adi’s crotch and one of her hands found his throbbing hard tool. Quickly her practiced delicate hands freed the throbbing monster from the young mans clothing and as she gripped it in one hand she pushed Adi upright with the other, stared at him in the eyes and licked her lips before telling the young black student she was going to suck his cock and swallow his cum. Adi groaned as the mature woman’s soft lips wrapped around the big head of his cock and he groaned even louder as the well practiced woman began to take his eight inch cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Wendy was a well practiced cock sucker and within a couple of unites she was talking the entire length of Adi’s thick shaft, all slippery with her saliva, deep into her throat. Every time she took his full length she pulsed her throat muscles, milking his cock and delighted as the sounds she was hearing from the young man. She gripped his hard, tense buttocks, her finger nails digging in to his velvet like skin, pulling his big cock deeper, almost urging Adi to fuck her throat. Adi’s big balls banging against Wendy’s chin as she bobbed her head back and forth on his big thick shaft and she cupped them in one of her hands. Her delicate, but strong fingers rolling the pulsing testicles around. She could almost feel the cum simmering inside, waiting to erupt. Adi began to tense and groan, a groan of sheer bliss at what the mature woman was doing to him. he couldn’t hold back any longer and his cum spurted into Wendy’s throat. Jet after jet of hot cum filled Wendy’s mouth and throat, all flowing down to the cum hungry woman’s stomach.

Wendy was now so aroused she could feel the crotch of her jeans was soaking from her juice and she needed more, but she needed to make sure the young man before knew who was in control so she stood up and whilst she stared at Adi’s, still semi hard, cock she slowly stripped off her clothes before sitting back into her office chair, lifting one leg and resting her foot on top of her desk and saying “Your turn. Let’s see what you can do with your tongue.” Adi looked down in amazement as the naked mature woman before him. Her tight athletic body, all tanned, her pert breasts, capped with big hard nipples, pointing right at him, her long slender legs spread open baring her soaking wet, totally smooth love hole. Ari had never seen a shaken pussy before and he quickly obeyed the mature white woman, kneeling between her legs and leaning forward to run his big tongue over the soft, plump, pussy lips of the mature woman.

Adi licked up and down Wendy’s soaking slit, savoring the sweet juice flowing from the mature woman’s pussy. Wendy put a hand on the back of his head and pulled it hard, pressing his mouth against her clit, urging him to lick and suck it. Adi began to flick Wendy’s clit with his big tongue and alternated between licking her swollen clit and probing his big tongue deep into her love hole. “Ooooooooh Fuck Yesssss! Probe my cunt. Stick your fingers in there!” Wendy hissed at Adi. Although Adi had some experience with women he was now taking the mature woman’s lead and pushed one of his big fingers deep into her throbbing love hole. He could feel her muscles pulsing, sucking his finger deeper as Wendy, who exercised her pussy muscles every day, began clenching and tensing the walls of her vagina.

Wendy could feel her orgasm building as the young black man plunged his fingers deep into her throbbing cunt and his tongue flicked across her clit. She ground her pubic mound against Adi’s face urging him to suck on her throbbing clit. Wendy wanted to cum but she wanted to feel the big cock she had sucked earlier, deep inside her cunt, fucking her until his seed erupted into her womb. She pushed Adi back and told him so stand up. As Adi stood Wendy saw his big cock was hard again, swaying around like a menacing black snake. She stood up and pent over, placing her hands on her desks, her legs spread and growled “Come on! Fuck me good and hard. Shoot your fucking cum inside me.”

Adi wasted no time on obliging the mature woman, quickly lining his cock up with her soaking wet hole, briefly rubbing his cock head against it, letting her juices flow onto his thick shaft before plunging it deep into the soft, wet warmth of her pussy. “Ooooooffffttt! Wendy groaned as Adi rammed his cock in hard, right to the hilt, his hips slamming against her firm buttocks, his big balls slapping the back of her thighs. Ari gripped Wendy’s hips and, just as she had urged him, began fucking her hard. Each thrust was met by a loud gasp from the mature woman. “Fucking harder! Deeper!” she hissed as he rammed his big cock in and out of her tight pussy.
Adi reached his hands around, and grasped Wendy’s tits, squeezing the firm flesh and pinching the hard nipples. Wendy’s head raised a little as Adi pulled her body hard against him and her eyes caught flashes of her certificates of professional qualifications, that she had earned to get a good career. She briefly smiled at how those qualifications had gotten her a lot more than a good career, it had gotten her a lot of young virile cock too, just like the one that was smashing against her cervix and stretching her vaginal passage so much it ached and burned with sexual fulfillment. “Ooooooh Yes! Fuck! I’m gonna cum all over your cock. Ram it in deep.” Wendy moaned. Adi grabbed Wendy so tightly she could hardly breath and he grunted as he rammed his throbbing cock deep for several more hard thrusts until their orgasm’s erupted simultaneously and they stayed locked together in a shuddering mass of orgasmic bliss as the explosion of cum and pussy juice squirted out, soaking both their thighs.

“Holy fuck! I needed that.” Wendy moaned as her orgasmic shudders subsided and she felt Adi’s cock slip from her cum soaked pussy. Both Wendy and Adi were soaked in perspiration and a combination of their cum so Wendy decided they needed to shower. Once in the shower, soaping each other’s bodies it wasn’t long before Adi’s big cock became hard again and Wendy just couldn’t resist dropping to her knees and taking it in her mouth. Once again Adi was i heaven, amazed at how good this mature woman was at oral sex, taking his cock deep into her throat and in what seemed only a few minutes he was spurting his cum down Wendy’s throat again.

After showering they both towered off and Wendy donned a robe, offering Adi one of her husbands robes. They went back to the kitchen and Wendy got more drinks. They chatted a little more and after a few more drinks Adi began to make advances towards Wendy, clearly wanting a repeat of the earlier events. Although flattered and still horny Wendy decided that she needed to make sure Adi knew who was in charge and rebuffed the young mans advances. “I like your cock Adi, but I’ll have it when I want it. Are we clear?” Adi seemed a little embarrassed and nodded before Wendy added “Don’t worry young man. You will be fucking me again very soon but right now we both need to sleep.” With that they both retired to their bedrooms. Wendy smiled as she lay back on her bed, loving the control she had over the young black man and couldn't resist getting her black dildo out and getting herself off before she drifted off to sleep.

Wendy woke early the following morning and was horny. Her thoughts immediately went to the young black virile African man, with a big cock, sleeping down the hall from her bedroom and she decided that she needed another helping of that cock before breakfast. Wendy didn’t even bother putting on a robe as she wandered down the hall towards Adi’s room. As she approached she saw the door was open and as she got nearer she heard him speaking. Adi was speaking in his native tongue and as Wendy listened she couldn’t understand what he was saying but she could tell that he sounded very excited. She waited at the door a few more minutes before she couldn’t hold back any longer and knocked loudly on the door before walking into Adi’s room.

Wendy’s eyes and mouth opened wide as she walked in and saw that Adi was stroking his cock as he spoke on the phone. It was rock hard and pointing up at the ceiling lime a big black telephone pole. Adi’s eyes and mouth also opened wide when he saw the naked mature woman standing in the doorway to his room, her firm breasts sticking out, her nipples hard and one of her hands nestled over her pussy. Adi mumbled something into his phone before putting it down and continued to stare at Wendy as she casually wandered across to Adi’s bed and straddled him, impaling herself on his rock hard cock. Wendy began riding Adi’s big cock and he reached his big hands up and grasped Wendy’s firm tits, squeezing them and tugging on her nipples. Wendy rode Adi’s cock at a frantic pace, grinding her clit against his pubic bone. The mature woman had no idea how long the young black man had been stroking his cock for and how long he would last. She needed to get off before he came and urged him to pinch her nipples harder as she rode him. In what seemed only a matter of minutes Wendy came hard and as her vaginal muscles tensed she felt Adi spurting his seed into her throbbing cunt.

As Wendy regained control of her body she lent forward and asked Adi who he had been talking to. Ari told her that he had been talking to a friend of his, a fellow student, on the same course as him. He was staying in a house with a couple for the weekend and was feeling bored and lonely as the couple weren’t very chatty so he had called to see how things were with him. “So what did you tell him?” Wendy asked. Adi was unable to hide his embarrassment and confessed to Wendy that he had told his friend about everything that had happened. “Do you think your friend would be happier over here for the evening? We could get pizza and beer and all have a nice evening if you like.”Wendy asked Adi. Adi couldn’t hide his excitement and nodded as he realized what the mature woman was suggesting. Wendy climbed off Adi and told him to call his friend, get the address and tell him they would collect him around 4 PM before she left to go and shower. Wendy chuckled to herself as almost before she had left the room she heard a very excited Adi talking to his friend.

Although she was as horny as hell Wendy had plans for the day and she quickly got showered and dressed. Before she headed out she asked Adi for the address where his friend was staying. Once Adi showed her the address she knew where it was and it was only about a twenty minute drive. “We will leave here around three thirty this afternoon so make sure your friend is ready to be collected at four.” Wendy told Adi before she headed off, telling him to help himself to anything in the fridge and relax. As Wendy did her errands she kept thinking about having two virile young African men at the same time. Even when she was having lunch with her friend, Susan, she spent more time thinking about how big a cock Adi’s friend would have and what she was going to do with them.

Wendy arrived home a little before 3.30 PM and honked on the horn from the driveway, signaling for Adi to come on out. A few minutes later they were on their way to collect Adi’s friend, “What’s your friends name?” Wendy asked Adi, who told her his friend was called Kofi. Wendy and Adi collected Kofi just before 4 PM and Wendy told both guys to ride in the back so they could chat, “Just imagine you are being driven around by a posh chauffeur!” Wendy said with a chuckle. As she drove to the pizzeria, Wendy observed the two guys, in her rear view mirror and listened to them talk. Again she couldn’t make out what was being said but she could tell they both looked excited. Wendy had noticed that Kofi wasn’t as tall as Adi but he was a lot stockier and more muscular.

Wendy stopped at the pizzeria and told the guys to come in with her. They ordered 3 large pizzas and Wendy paid then asked Adi to wait for them to be made and asked Kofi to follow her into the liquor store, practically next door. Wendy told Kofi to load a 24 can case of beer and a 6 bottle box of wine into a shopping cart. Wendy paid and asked Kofi to load the liquor into her car. As Kofi moved and loaded the items Wendy observed the large muscles I his arms, shoulders and back. She could feel herself getting wet at the thought of the fucking she was going to get later.

After Adi had joined them with the pizza’s they made the short journey home. Again. Adi and Kofi rode in the back and chatted excitedly. Wendy could feel herself gushing at the thought of what they might be saying to each other. When they arrived home they loaded the beer and wine into the fridge and put the pizzas on the counter top for later. Wendy couldn’t control herself any longer and sat on one of the chairs around the kitchen table. “I think we all know what we want so why don’t you boys come here and let me suck your big cocks.” Wendy said lustfully.

It was clear from their reaction that Kofi and Adi had been on the same page as Wendy for the entire car journey as it took only seconds for them to both be standing in front of her, with their big cocks swaying around as they began to grow. Wendy marvelled at the two black cocks in front of her as she wrapped her delicate hands around them and began stroking them. She smiled at the fact their cocks almost mirrored their bodies in that Adi’s cock was long and slim whereas Kofi’s cock was shorter but thicker. A lot thicker! Wendy thought to herself as she took the head of it between her wet lips and began sucking it.
As Wendy sucked away, alternating between the two cocks Kofi and Adi had their hands all over the mature woman and her pert tits were soon freed from her clothing and being mauled by four strong and very eager hands. After only a few minutes Wendy could feel a huge amount of pre cum flowing from Kofi’s cock and as she savored the tasty liquid she figured that he was probably in a similar situation to Adi and hadn’t had sex in quite a while, a feel of his hefty balls confirmed her suspicion. Wendy sucked harder on Kofi’s cock, deep throating him. eager to relieve the tension in the young black mans balls and only a couple of minutes later she was rewarded with a huge load of cum, spurting down her throat and flowing to her stomach. As Wendy finished draining Kofi’s balls his cock slipped from her mouth and didn’t quite manage to get his cock into Wendy’s mouth before he came, sending a huge rope of cum splashing onto her face before Wendy got the big head in her mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum.

Wendy leant back in her chair and let out a loud sigh before she said “Ok boys. I’ve eaten. Now it’s your turn.” She stood up and made her way to her bedroom, urging Adi and Kofi to follow her. As she entered her bedroom Wendy paused to look in the long mirror on the wall. She liked what she saw, her taught body, and pert tits still looked good. As she began to strip off her jeans and panties her gaze focused on the thick dollop of cum splashed across her nose and cheek. She wiped it with a finger and sucked the sticky cum before turning to look at Kofi and Adi who were now also totally naked. Wendy lay back on her bed and demanded the two of them ate her pussy and sucked on her tits until they made her cum.

Adi was the first one to get his head between the mature woman’s legs and his long tongue was soon licking and probing Wendy’s soaking wet slit. He lapped up her juice and flicker her clit with his tongue, occasionally sucking on it hard, sending sexual shivers right through Wendy’s body. After a few minutes Adi stopped licking Wendy’s pussy, lay next to her, and started sucking on one of her nipples. As the two guys sucked hard on Wendy’s throbbing nipples their eager hands found her love hole, fingers probing into her and rubbing her clit hard. Wendy could feel her orgasm building and said “Oh fuck! One of you get down and eat my cunt.” Kofi responded to Wendy’s demand immediately, he shoved two fingers into her hole and began rubbing her G spot as he clamped his mouth over her clit. Adi knelt over Wendy, his cock was hard again and he shoved it into her mouth, her tremors increased, the fire in her cunt radiated through her body and she came hard, her cum juice squirting out of her hole, blasting into Kofi’s face.

After a minute or so Kofi knelt up, and Wendy looked at him, his face was soaked with her cum, his cock hard and thick. “Wendy needed that fat cock in her already throbbing hole right their and then. “Good boy! Now stick that big cock in me and fuck me hard.” Wendy groaned. Kofi wasted no time. His fat cock was soon pushed into Wendy’s aching cunt and he began to fuck her like a man possessed. His head hovered just above hers, their lips almost touching, she could smell her cum on his face and breath as he breathed hard. Her first orgasm had barely ebbed away and her second one surged through her as the muscular young man ploughed her throbbing cunt. Her vaginal muscles tightening, squeezing his fat cock.

Almost mid orgasm, Kofi pulled his cock from Wendy and it was quickly replaced with Adi’s longer cock. It hurt as he forced it into her pulsing cunt, her vaginal muscles closing her hole making it tight. Ari drove his cock deep, smashing her cervix. She could hear the two guys talking in their native tongue, her head was spinning as she came again. Her body shook then became weak. Another swap followed and as one of the pair fucked her the other forced his cock into her mouth, pushing it deep. She slurped on those wonderful cocks, the taste of her cunt juice heightening her arousal.

The fucking continued, Wendy’s love hole on fire, her whole body tingling as her orgasms merged, almost like a sexual wave pounding her body. She heard grunting and panting, cold air rushed into her burning love hole, she opened her eyes, the two guys were kneeling either side of her one hand on each of her tits, pulling her nipples, the other hand on their cocks, furiously stroking them. Wendy opened her mouth, anticipating what was about to happen and both of those glorious cocks erupted. Hot cum sprayed her face and tits, some landing in her hair eyes and mouth. After a minute or so the guys stopped grunting, the cum stopped spurting and they flopped onto the bed next to her. Wendy lay there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the tingles in her body and the feeling of hot sticky cum on her skin. Finally she sat up and headed for the shower.

After a few minutes the two guys joined her, they soaped each others bodies and once again those strong and eager hands were all over her, mauling her tits, fingering her cunt and their young virile cocks were soon hard again. The guys now took turns fucking Wendy from behind as she was bent over and made to suck the other. The guys swapped around frequently and each time they swapped the pounding got even harder until finally both of them filled her married cunt with another load of their cum. They finished showering and Wendy put on a robe, Kofi and Adi wrapping towels around their waist. They all headed for the kitchen. Wendy poured herself a glass of wine and handed the guys a beer each. She then opened up the pixie boxes and took a slice. “Dig in boys. You’re gonna need your strength. We’ve only just started.” she said with a huge smile.
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