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Pool time for Wanda

Hello, my name is Wanda and I am writing about what happened at the beginning of what I call my summer of dirty fun that happened last year. First a little about me, I am 37 5'6 and around 190 to 215 pounds with above the shoulder brown hair and brown eyes with a 38DD chest in case you were all wondering. I'm not in the greatest of shape but not completely flabby either but after two kids my boobs aren't nice and perky like they used to be. I am married and we live in a nice subdivision that has its own park, tennis court, and swimming pool which is paid for by our home owners' association fees. In other words, it's sort of a private pool for the neighbors who actually pay. Anyway back to my story. One day in early June, my husband was out of town as usual, the ... Read More»

I watched my wife Wanda fuck a black man

I finished my third beer and rubbed my eyes. I was a little p.o.'d with myself that I hadn't been able to figure out what to do. This whole mess was really beginning to bug the hell out of me. A couple hours and a couple beers and I could usually nail just about any problem I ever had. But damn ! I didn't know what to do about this one. And the worst part of it was that I'd caused the entire thing myself. Pandora's box was open and I couldn't get it shut again. Wanda and I have been married a couple of years now. Second try for both of us. She's a totally amazing woman. My first marriage ended when I caught my wife in bed with my boss - I swore after that, I'd never be able to trust another woman enough to love her. Wanda changed my mind. She opened my heart up ... Read More»

My cheating wife Wanda went black

My cheating wife Wanda black cock whore………… I came home from work unusually early, I made my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. I heard some weird noise coming from up stairs on the second floor where the bedrooms are and decided to go up and find out what it was. When I reached the top of the stairs I could hear the sounds coming from our bedroom, they sounded like sexual sounds. Quietly I approached our bedroom door that was left wide open and peeked inside to see what the fuck was going on. I was totally blown away when low and behold I saw my wife Wanda on our bed fucking a damn stranger, a fuckin big black guy no less! I was shocked to say the very damn least! Hell I just stood there watched em fuckin for at least an hour and 30 very long hard ... Read More»

Mature woman gets gangbanged

Angry! That’s what I am. I raised two grown boys—handsome, good boys—with my husband of 29 years. I did everything for him. I even held back my sexual desires and fantasies because he was “uncomfortable” with them. Nothing but the same, boring missionary position one week after the next. But all it took was an empty-headed secretary with fake tits to make him “discover” sex! And, you know, I’m not fat or ugly or anything like that. People tell me all the time: “Angelique, you look damned good!” I like my strong build: large, satisfying hips. I see guys look at my hips and ass all the time, and full, round, natural breasts. My waist is still surprisingly large and my brassy brown hair falls in loose curls down my back. I look really good at 45 years old. So, a ... Read More»

the best part of sharing my wife Wanda pt.1

Part 1…………… There are lots of things I enjoy about sharing my wife Wanda with all these other men. The prepping, shaving and lotion applied to her bbw body before her date arrives. The mental anticipation I experience leading up to her fucking. The numerous images I jack off too of hotwives being fucked and satisfied by their strong virile lovers. Their facial and bodily expressions and pure euphoria they feel while being penetrated by a satisfying huge cock. You can’t forget the initial deep breath when she first allows his entry into her either. That’s cock hardening within itself. But I have to say the most sexual and erotic moment of sharing my wife Wanda, for me, is when she takes his powerful cock in her hands. The way she delicately feels his full ... Read More»

My Cum Addiction

All i can tell you is that I learned to be a good whore by my mother’s example. She married a pastor so she could live a proper life but I caught her many times sneaking in men from the church where my father was the pastor. I would skip class and go home sometimes because my house was right next to the school and church where my father would preach every sunday. She did not know until much later that I would spy on her many times a week. I would catch her with two or three men at a time and they were never the same men. And she would be saying dirty things like “fuck me like a whore” or" use my dirty holes" or the men would say things like “the preacher’s wife is a worthless slut” or call her a stupid cunt to her face and i could tell she enjoyed it ... Read More»


This story was rewritten by me hope yall like it………… A cheating wife gets a pleasant surprise It was a Tuesday morning and I'd forgotten some documents I needed; I'd left them at home. I would have to go back home to get them. As I pulled into my street I saw a strange car parked at the top of my driveway but thought nothing of it at that point. I drove into the garage, went into the house and then heard strange noises coming from upstairs. My wife Wanda was home, which was unusual as she usually went shopping Tuesday mornings. I quietly and slowly climbed the stairs and it became evident that something was happening in our bedroom. The door was left wide open and I could see her on the bed, legs spread apart wide, being fucked hard by some black stranger. ... Read More»


I have been to a few Bathhouses over the years usually on College Nights when Hot Young Guys are there. In addition to the Sauna & Video Rooms where a Good Suck or Hot Fuck takes place I like to head into the Glory Hole Area. I keep a sharp eye out for Young Hung Guys as they come into the area and try to remember as much as I can about what his Body and Cock looks like for later. When I see Hot Guys go into a Glory Hole Area I follow in hopes I will be the on to Suck Cock when they slide through. When I see the Hot Guy I was cruising slide his Cock through I go right down on it and start Sucking. I love to hear the Guy maon and breath heavy & just Suck harder and deeper down in my throat. When a Hot Guy starts thrusting through the Glory Hole I know ... Read More»

Party In The Park

Walking past the neighborhood Mini Park I could see 2 HOT Guys sitting on the far end under the trees smoking weed, shirtless and almost looked like they were not wearing any pants. As I got closer I saw I was correct about the NO Pants. These 2 HOT Guys shorts were down arounbd there ankels and they were Jerking Off. I was courious so I walked around to the other side so I could get a better look. I moved arounf to an unlit area to watch these Guys Jerking eachothers Cocks and I got so Hard I reached under my shorts and started to stroke my Cock as I watched the Hot Park Action. The guys could see I was watching and jerking but it almost seemed to get them more excited. One of the guys looked at me and in a low voice said "Dude, come join us" so I ... Read More»

Milking my wife Angelique's huge tits

Milking my Wife Angelique’s big tit’s... I put her big tit’s on a real dairy cow milking machine and milked her dumb ass bone dry....... My dumb ass wife Angelique always tried to please me from the very first day we met no matter what it was in everyway she could, to show me how much she “so called” really loved and wanted to stay with me. Hell she’d do anything I tell her stupid ass to do, no matter how damn wild it was. I told her the first day we got together how much I liked wild and very damn freaky sex, she was all for it, hell she couldn’t wait to see how far we would take it cause she had lead such a sheltered life, well up until she met me that is. Ha ha ha. She was only 16 when we married and after 2 long years of living with her stupid fat ass ... Read More»

Angelique's experience with cock sizes

My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. She said she didn't understand why guys were so hung up on size. "Size doesn't really matter" she said. I said, really guys weren't the ones hung up on the size of a damn cock, but it was the women who were fascinated with it. I said "the women not hung up on size are the one's that haven't had a really big dick yet." "What do you mean?" she said. I said, "Angelique if you ever had a bigger dick, you would probably go wild as shit." "I think you're big enough for me baby, she said." "Why do you think that black guys are bigger than white guys?" Sounding really intrigued. You must understand, my wife was extremely conservative. Just getting her ... Read More»

All Tied Up

The evening has been spent peacefully. A quiet dinner, lots of interesting conversation, a couple of drinks, relaxing, no interruptions. During the conversation I ask how you feel about being tied up. You just smile that beautiful smile you have, and give me the distinct impression that you might be agreeable, but you are going to make me work for it. I know that smile all too well, and I know it means the night could get very interesting. I get up, and wiggle my finger asking you silently to follow me. I lead you back to the bedroom, and you are surprised to see the room lit only by candles. The soft scent of lavender in the air, just enough to immediately relax you. Lots of extra pillows on the bed atop a fur throw. There are several silk scarves laid out ... Read More»

High school

Several years ago when I was still in high school, a bunch of us went out to the local A&W after a basketball game. It was a small midwest town and we had played a school in the next town over, so we knew a bunch of the guys on the other team and their cheerleaders. My friend and I ended up in a booth with a couple of their cheerleaders. The one I was nuts over, a small blonde with short hair and an incredibly tight ass, was sitting across from me. Sure enough, her foot found its way between my thighs and proceeded to begin rubbing my cock. I was instantly hard wondering how I was going to make it out of there without anyone seeing the huge tent in my sweat pants. Her friend got up to go to the restroom so I made my buddy get up and get me another ... Read More»

A Theif!

I received a phone call early in the evening, and as I looked down and saw my friend’s number, I picked it up quickly. “Hello?” I said. … No response, I repeated it again, until I heard a faint but slightly chilling sound from the other end. “Help me!” Then the busy signal came on and I immediately realized there was something wrong. I was just out of the shower, and didn’t even have time to put underwear on as I was pulling my t-shirt on over my head running out to my car. I was meeting my girlfriend for dinner a bit later and had just enough time to say I would be back soon, at friends. That was probably the smartest thing I did, since I didn’t even think to call the police. I now wish I had. I got to his house, and ran up the steps and rung his ... Read More»

Manipulating Jenny Chapter 03

* Latina teenage sexpot Jenny's second appointment is due today with the fattish and bald 66 year-old physiotherapist in her office building a week after bunging up her knee tripping down the stairwell. It is not his fault that she is sent there by her boss just on closing time a week ago in the kind of attire that epitomises her taste for teasing men: a mini skirt that barely reaches the tops of her long shapely legs and under it, see-through g-string panties. Jenny takes after her late mother as a voluptuous office flirt with a stunning film star- like 38-22-34 inch figure who thrives on the exotic. She is the envy of many women, and the curse of her female workmates who intensely dislike her daring dress style that strangely escapes criticism from the ... Read More»