Me and My Boy

One night, my son in law(Daniel) and I were watching a football game. The ladies were out for the night so we had watched the game and put down a few beers. After the game, I turned on some porn. I had prostate surgery a few years earlier and was unable to get a full hard on and Daniel knew this. We had discussed this a few times and he knew how much I missed stroking on my own. A scene was on the porn with an uncut dude,and knowing Daniel was uncut, I asked if that is what he looked like. He told me he didn't have as much foreskin and I asked if I could compare. To my delight, he pulled his cock out and allowed me to check him out. In doing so, he began getting fuller and harder, so I asked if I could stroke on him. Again to my delight, he allowed me my indulgence and I fondled and caressed his now throbbing cock. As I stroked on him, I noticed some precum oozing and I swabbed it off with a finger and nearly got off by the taste! I mentioned how good it tasted and asked if he had more of it. He said we could probably work more up so I got busier with my hands and moved down with my lips to tease and to please him all the more. I so enjoyed the feel of his hard throbbing cock in my hands and lips and hearing his pleasure. I could feel him tense up so I would slow down and lick him up and down til he relaxed a little, then would take him deep into my throat til I had him there again.I did this a few times til he was about begging me to finish him off, I said I would if we could do this more often. Just as I had him shooting down my throat, we heard the car pull up into the driveway so we scurried out of the bedroom. As we relaxed in the living room, we agreed we would do it again and he would return the favor! This was our first of many encounters together. We wouldtake trips to the store where we would stop on the way and I would suck him off, or we would take a hike at the river where I could get into his pants, or we would send the ladies out so we could get naked together and get each other off. It was a beautiful arrangement until they moved away. Now I have to search for another fine cock to tease and to please. How about you? Are you available?
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sure! you can have me any time!