While It Rained

There were three of them. Best friends since their early school years and still friends despite the trials and tribulations of adolescence, boyfriends, breaking up, and making up. They were all nineteen, with their birthdays within days of each other, something that had initially brought them together for joint parties and something that they'd always share.

Suzy was a blonde, flamboyant and talkative, popular wherever she went, especially with men. Her sex appeal was of the more obvious type and men followed eagerly in her train.

Fiona, a brunette, also a bit of a chatterbox. Gregarious by nature she was a natural fit to Suzy.

Rene, another brunette, was the quiet one of the three. Suzy and Fiona had quickly come to understand and accept this, as well as to understand that when she did say something it paid to listen. She was the brightest of the three and it was only her natural reserve that tended to make people overlook her when Suzy and Fiona were around. This didn't worry her. She had her fair share of successes with members of the opposite sex, just not as noticeably as the other two.

They had decided to spend the weekend camping. No men, they said. We're rational adults and don't need men to look after us all the time.

"Um, they are very useful for some things," Suzy pointed out.

"True, but we can attend to those things when we're back and alone with them," said Fiona with a giggle.

"Instead of taking our small tents why don't we take my parents big one," suggested Rene. "We'll only need to set up the one and there's ample room in it."

Everything was agreed upon and they went camping. They managed to find a place that seemed reasonably secluded, giving them the privacy they needed to do as they wanted without disturbing other campers. Everything was fine for the first half a day. The weather was warm and they did some hiking, returning to their camp site for lunch. It was while they were eating that the first rain drops fell.

"It's just a sun-shower," said Suzy as they scrambled into the tent cheap sex cams at https://www.evacheapsexcams.com/ . "It'll be over shortly. The forecast was for a fine weekend."

Two hours later it was still raining, and rather heavily at that. It wasn't cold, the earlier heat still apparent in the air, but it was certainly wet. The girls were feeling rather frustrated.

A sudden slapping on the side of the tent startled the girls, and they were even more startled when the zipper on the front flaps came down and someone hopped into the tent, zipping up the flaps behind him.
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