He came home tired from work and only wanted to go to bed and sleep.

But then grabbed him, as every day the addiction and he had to charge the computer and go to the Internet to look for e-mails. Unfortunately no one had written him.

Disappointed, he turned the calculator off and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Just as he had sunk, the phone rang. ‘Man,’ he thought a little irritably, ‘why do people always call when I am standing in the shower?’

He picked up the receiver and announced with a not quite friendly “Yes?” And at the other end of the line a soft voice of the woman was heard, which chased him a pleasant shudder: she wanted to speak to a Heinrich,

But the sexy voice made his mood turn around immediately, and he wondered in seconds how he could win the woman’s interest.

Thousand and one thought went through his head, and he said quite kindly, “No, Heinrich is not here tonight, I think he has arranged with friends, they wanted to go to the pub and lift one. I am, incidentally, Holger, the roommate of Henry, who lived here for two days. Can I tell Henry what you do? “Silence on the other end of the line …

“Hello, are you still there?” He said quickly, fearing she would hang up …

“Yes, this villain. He had an appointment with me for the opera tonight. “After another short pause, she said,” Say, Holger, that was your name, was not it? “” Yes, “he said quickly.

“Do you like Mozart’s opera? They play in Cosi’s opera house and I would have liked to go to the opera because my parents wanted to get to know my friend. We wanted to go to the opera together, they sponsored the tickets. But surely that’s a stupid idea of ​​mine and you certainly do not like opera … ”

Holger thought for a moment, at least he did so, and then said, “Well, I really like operas already, but I wanted to go to bed early this morning, had a hard day.”

This was, of course, his strategy, not to betray what he really wanted.

She begged him to help her out, and Holger agreed to do a favor, as he said. So they arranged before the opera at 8.30 pm.

Holger hung up the phone and made an air jump. If the female voice he had just heard looked so good, he did not want to leave anything untried …

He did not have much time to finish, 30 minutes remained. He jumped back into the shower, washed off the shower, hurried his hair, opened the wardrobe, and threw all the things on the bed to find the right thing for the occasion. Within the remaining 10 minutes he was ready and ready, looked into the mirror and was satisfied with himself.

Then he got into the subway, because he could not have made it by car, and he did not want to be on the annoying parking lot, not today.

As he walked out of the subway to the opera, he noticed that they had not identified a sign. Well fine!

In the place where they had arranged it was already 20.20 clock, a young, very attractive woman of about 30 years walked up and down quite excited and looked around again and again in all directions.

Just as he was about to go, a young man came up to her, kissed her, she beamed, hugged her, and both disappeared.

So he looked around the place for his Blind Date and saw no one.

But then, a young woman came running from the subway, she had long, red hair, a light coat, and a bright blue dress. Her slender long, well-shaped legs came toward him, and she asked hastily, “Are you Holger?” His heart beat higher, and he replied with a hesitant “Yes!” This time his hesitation was not played, for this woman impressed him not only By her voice, but also her sight was fantastic, and he could scarcely turn his gaze from the well-built breasts that emerged under her cloak.

She said, “I’m late. By the way, I’m Susan, just tell Sanni to me. “Suddenly, she hugged him violently, whispering in his ear.” Oh, my parents are coming. Just please, please! ”

He could not resist her desire and embraced her. She kissed him and he returned her kiss. He was just blown away by their whole appearance !! It had caught him!

The opera was a successful performance, but he had a lot more to do with his thoughts. What would happen when it was over?

And then it was time. Sanni and Holger said goodbye to their parents and she said, “I thought it was great. My parents always think I’m going to be happy with a nice young man, but I have not had any real ones yet. “Heinrich did not have much time with Heinrich, and he hardly had time for her. Holger could not understand that …

She said to him with her sexy voice, “Well, now you have helped me, and now I will retaliate with you. You are invited to dinner tonight for a glass of wine and a good meal we are coming from the pizzaservice. How about? ”

It was only now that Holger remembered that he had not eaten anything yet, and that his stomach was very hungry.

So they drove to Sanni’s apartment, ordered pizza, waited for it to be delivered, during which they were already emptying the first bottle of Rioja. Holger, with an empty stomach, already had a little tangle when the pizza finally came. They both ate with a great deal of appetite and looked at each other more and more frequently. Oh, it was a look that Sanni Holger threw out of her beautiful brown eyes !!!

Holger obviously liked her too much, so both of them hurried to eat their pizza.

Sanni put a CD with Schmusemusik and put a candle on the table, the remaining light was extinguished. She said to Holger: “Did it get you the way I did? And what are you going to tell Heinrich? ”

Holger thought for a moment, then said, “Yes, you have been sympathetic to me since I heard your voice on the phone. But when I saw you, it had happened to me… Ah, Heinrich, I’ll tell you I was in the opera house, “he lied.” Then maybe something occurred to him. He does not learn more from me! ”

“Good,” said Sanni.

She walked up to him and sat down next to him on the sofa. He put his arm around her and kissed her. It was a very passionate kiss, she hugged him and pressed him tightly so that he could feel her breasts on his body. He buried his hand in her hair and let the other rest on her hip. Her arms began to sweep over his back and wandered up and down. Holger lost sight and hearing on this kiss and could hardly move, so fascinated he was by the woman he held in his arms. She then led his hand to her breasts and gave him to understand that she wanted more from him than this kiss and Holger wanted that too.

So he stroked her dress. She turned a little to the side of him, so he could stroke her breasts better and kissed him even more passionately. His other hand now wandered to her back, where the zipper was from her dress and opened it slowly.

Both stood up and she stripped the dress through her arms and he slid the dress slowly from her body until it lay on the floor. She began to open his shirt and soon lay on the floor. She wore a sexy black body under the dress and when they had loosened from the first kiss, he looked at her intently. The body arched over her breasts and he said she did not wear panties underneath. That made him even more so that the bump in his pants could hardly be overlooked.

When she looked at him, she noticed immediately, and Sanni said, “Well, let’s give somebody some freedom.”

Already she opened him belt and trousers and stripped him of pants and panties from the body. Now he was standing naked in front of her, and she shuddered through the body, so this man made her! She grazed her hands through his hairy chest and looked fascinated at the stiff, pointing to her tail.

She now pushed him back to the sofa and knelt in front of him to let his love arrow disappear into her mouth. In the meantime, Holger was rummaging in her red hair and forgot everything around her. She sucked and licked at his arrow, scratching the weaving weighed below him. He enjoyed it to the fullest, and Sanni did her job very well. She excited it enormously when she could make it French to a man, and he did so on it as Holger did. She licked and sucked on his glans and put the hard bone completely into her sweet mouth. He pressed her head firmly against his lap and could barely hold on. He had already experienced a lot, but no woman had satisfied him. He moaned loudly and his juice spilled into Sanni’s mouth, who had the trouble to swallow such a crowd, but she liked it visibly.

They both stood up and kissed passionately. Holger’s hands kneaded Sannis’s magnificent breasts, and she began to moan softly. Then his hand went to her lap and stroked her pleasure center, which made her moan even louder.

He now pushed her gently to the chair next to the sofa and opened the buttons of the bodysuit. And he was right, she was not wearing panties underneath. So his gaze fell directly on her pleasure center. Her pussy was already quite moist and it gushed easily some liquid from it. He laid her thighs over the back of the chair and knelt before her lap.

First he kissed the top of her thighs and then walked across the belly to the other side, then began to caress the inside of her thighs.

She opened her thighs even further and breathed to him, “Yes, please pamper me, I am so hot!”

Holger could not tell twice, and littered her grotto with kisses.

Then he let his tongue wander around her labia, and she said, “Yes, go on, I love it!”

Then he took two fingers and opened with her labia, and then also her clit came to the fore. Now he let his tongue dive into her grotto, and his tongue began to lick ever faster. She groaned and reared easily, breathing heavily. Her hands were picking up his hair, and her excitement increased steadily.

When he touched his clit with his tongue, a loud cry of lust escaped her. This part of her pussy was dedicated to Holger. His lingual tip touched her clit over and over again, he put his lips around her clit, sucked him into his mouth and let his tongue play with it, even with his teeth he massaged her clit gently, which always groaned with her loud groans, always again and again. The juice flowed from her pussy and he licked it again and again, because this juice he found so delicious that he did not want to waste it, no drop.

She breathed heavily between the moaning and ever more violent and her orgasm was about to happen, but that was just the beginning. He always licked her pussy and caressed his clit and she moved her pelvis up and down and reared up. With short loud screams, she was at the height of her lust.

Then she fell back into the chair and closed her eyes and said to Holger: “You are incredible!”

Holger now stripped her body of the body and looked at her full, well-shaped breasts. Her nipples were stiff and firm in the air and he could not help steer his tongue into this region. His hands covered her breasts and kneaded them vigorously. Sanni kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the way Holger caressed her breasts. His tongue circled around her stiff nipples and touched her gently.

Sanni looked up at Holger and saw him, his limb stiff from his body. As he continued to caress her breasts, she took his limb in her hand and moved her up and down.

Holger’s kisses now moved from her breasts to her neck and then to her soft lips.

Then he whispered softly in her ear: “Put your arms around my neck and hold on tight!” Then he pushed his hands under her basin and lifted her up to him. She embraced his pelvis with her legs and he let go of her and went with her a bit through the apartment. Then he stopped and pressed her against the wall. His hand moved in her pussy, which was already very moist and then, after he had protected his best piece with a condom, he led his love arrow into her hot grotto.

She groaned loudly as he penetrated her, he pressed her lightly against the wall, his hand played with her clit, which excited her quite. Then, with every stroke, he penetrated deeper and deeper into her. She pressed her pelvis to his neck and began to nibble at the earlobe. He thrust more and more and became faster in his movement and slowly both came to the climax.

She moaned, “Yes, yes, yes!” To his ear, and he too could no longer hold and moaned with delight and lust.

Then, shortly before the climax, she bit into his shoulder and his fingernails dug into her hip. Then he thrust once again with full force and discharged himself in Sanni. She reared and groaned loudly. She too was at the height of her lust.

Both of them stood now sweaty, holding each other in their arms.

He was still stuck in her and she said, “That was just incredible with you. I had never had an orgasm like you had before! ”

And he said, “I felt the same way, you are an incredible woman. Let’s repeat it soon, will you? ”

Both were now tired and exhausted by a long and eventful day, and after they had both showered, they cuddled close together in Sanni’s large bed and slept so soon.
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