Forbidden Love

The morning started again wonderfully. Bruce came into the bedroom and told me in the snappy tone that I should not leave the house today, as he had important calls to expect and I should receive them. Oh what a great morning, I thought to myself and jerked me in the bed. As I already hated this day, I walked through my head as I squirmed out of bed.

Again, one of those days full of aggression and stress, I went to the kitchen and made a coffee, since Alina, my daughter was still asleep and Bruce was out of the house, I let a nice warm bath run in and hoped that would make me happier again Would vote.

I took off my t-shirt and looked at my body in the mirror. For how long this body had not managed any ecstasies and touches of a man. I gently stroked my skin, touched my neck and my fingertips slowly descended to my brethren. I let my fingers circle gently around my buds and felt this tingling in me, this craving for sex.

I smiled, only thinking of a man. The shock was that it was not Bruce, to whom I thought. No, I did not want to feel and touch his body and froze my smile.

Actually a terrible thought and I felt guilty.

Cautiously I climbed into the bathtub and the foam enclosed my feet with fragrant, soothing warm water. I lay down that my whole body was touched by the water and foam and closed my eyes. It began to work, this rest and pleasant warmth.

I stopped for a few minutes and dreamed of myself and I caught myself as I started again caressing my body. Slowly pour the foam over my body. It was a great feeling. I stroked my legs, slowly went up to touch the inside of my thighs.

A slight shudder over me, and I sensed that this stroking me. Slowly I opened my thighs to let the warm, warm water to my pulsating vulva. With my fingers I began to massage the outside and I thought I had to explode. I was so full of excitement that I felt, how slowly the juice of my desire slipped and rubbed it gently around my Venushuegel.

This one grew up, as if he wanted to tell me I need a man who sucks at me and licks me.

The slight circumscriptions of my fingers and the warm water made me always approach the climax, but I did not want to.

I gave my desire a break and slowly sucked the juice off my fingers. Oh, how I like to have a cock in my mouth, I thought to myself and enjoyed the taste of my excitement. It tasted salty, like after a long night of sex, when you lick the body of the other and the skin tastes of the sea. THE SALT OF THE PEOPLE.

I could feel my desire and it became stronger and more intense. I dreamed of how I was subject to the desire of a man and how he stimulated me. How his tongue loses itself in my grotto and how he gently massages my bruises.

A knock on the door made me start out of my dreaming.

I slipped out of the tub and hid my wet body under a big towel. My long hair stuck to my body. Who can that be? Bruce will not be back and has forgotten his key. Well, he is indeed forgetful. I opened the door a bit and spared an attractive young man with a travel bag in his hand. He smiled at me and asked:

“Have I Surprised You Mausi”

His voice seemed so familiar to me and at the word Mausi it hit me like a flash and I did not believe my eyes to trust. Yves !!!!!

I was so perplexed that I did not even ask him in the apartment or fell for joy around his neck. I just stood there and smiled at him. In my stomach danced something Samba and I stuttered only, “wawawas do you dudu because here?”

Man, could not think of anything better?

He dropped his bag and took me so tightly in the arm, which nearly slipped my towel down.

Oh, it was so good to feel him. How long had I dreamed of it.

I had Yves learned about the internet and we have understood in spite of age difference super. He 20 years young and I 26. We started talking to each other about the Internet and we were connecting. I had never seen him personally and made the wildest ideas with him. But between us was something that could not be described. I had never felt anything like that. I had very strong feelings for him.

How often I had hoped in my fantasy to see him personally, to kiss him times.

The thought had not yet finished a second, I felt his soft lips on mine. What a feeling to kiss him I could stand for hours. I jumped and pulled him quickly into the apartment and closed the door.

“When the neighbors have seen this”
“Do not worry Mausi, no one has seen us,” he whispered to me with his sweet smile.

This gentle breath on my ear made me quite mad and a pleasant shiver ran over my back.

While we were holding and kissing in the arms, I felt an agitation in his pants and already he took my hand and led her to a woel in his pants.

“Do you feel that?”

I answered with a nod to more I was not able.

“He wants you, I know you”

I stroked the hill with a light pressure. His hands gently stroked my butt and explored the way to my excitement, wet grotto. He found a way under my towel and gently massaged my wet ravine. For how long I had no longer that feeling of desire.

I opened his pants and now felt his hard cock in my hand. The blood pulsed inside of him and I could feel the veins running under this delicate skin. Oh, how I loved this piece of him I wished never to let go.

“Does that feel good? “He asked me, but I was like in a trance.

His fingers between my labia rubbed slowly up and down at a steady speed then he stopped for a tenth of a second and moved his fingers up and down again.
I’m only loosing my heart from him to lay on the couch.

I lay down so that he could see my pussy and how my clitoris excelled with excitement. I opened my labia with my fingers so he had an insight into the damp and warm abyss. The only way to scream his cock.

He stood before me with his wonderful cock in his hand and began to satisfy himself before me. A few drops of his delicious sperm glittered on his cock. I wanted to taste it and gave it a sign to come closer. I straightened up and had my head exactly in the height of his excited tail. I licked the drops from his cock and took the glans gently between my lips. I sucked in, twice, and let him go again. Then I took it again in the mouth, this time deeper and enclosed it with my mouth. My tongue circled his glans and I felt like he was excited. He would come if I did not leave him, so I left him and asked him to touch me.

I lay back to give myself to him. With his fingers he opened my lips and buried his tongue in my grotto. He knew how he could make me mad. He sucked at my clitoris and took her gently between his teeth to pull them away a bit and release them again.

He did this a few times and I was about to explode. Then I felt his finger in my pussy and as he scanned the walls. Twitternly he pushed his finger in and out, then took the second to it and after a while the third and fourth finger. I drank myself with desire, and drew him upon me. I felt his hard cock clinging to my clit and asked him to rub his glans at my pussy. I wanted to scream wanted to squeeze my fingers in his backs. I was so horny that I took his hard cock and showed him the way into my wet-warm pussy.

Slowly he pushed into me and he looked me deep in the eyes. I came closer to him with my face and whispered softly in his ear,
“You make me so horny, that’s all you and I want you to take it and get ready.”

He smiled, gave me a deep deep kiss and pushed his cock deeper and harder into me until he reached the end. He started to get faster and pushed in harder and ever
Deeper into me. He took my legs on his shoulders and his breath became firmer and faster. Oh what a wonderful feeling I just thought and I let myself fall under his body. I reached for his butt and clawed me with his fingernails into his flesh. I guessed it would not be long before I came. I moved my hips to the rhythm of his bumps to feel him even more intensely. We were one!

I was so far and looked at him as far as he was and with his facial expression I could find that it could not last long with him. Then I felt his hard ray inside me and the warmth of his sperm at the same time of my orgasm, let my muscles twitch.

YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH “, He twitched another twice and sank into my arm.

We stopped to feel each other and my muscles clasped his wonderful cock.

Our two juices united and ran slowly from my pussy down between my buttocks. I had to giggle as it tickled and every body movement touched its sensitive cock.

“Let me lick your cock clean” but he had a better idea. He loosened from me and wanted to change the place.

“Come on we make the 69 position, then I can also lick you”

I enjoyed the gentle licking of him and I sucked him the last drop from his cock. Apparently, he seemed to like it, but unfortunately, we had to interrupt this wonderful mood, since Bruce wanted to come home soon.

I had not felt so well for a long time and I was glad that he was there now ………
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