Jam and Rick

Jam and Rick made their way down to the beach. Jam was wearing the tiniest of bikinis that showed her figure off to its fullest. Once settled and with no one around she removed her top to reveal her gorgeous tits to the sun. She asked Rick to cover her in sun tan lotion. He began to do as was bid smearing it over her back. Gently into her smooth skin. She turned over for the front to be done as well.
“Don’t forget my tits” she said. He began massaging the lotion into her firm breasts. Just the feel of them and the feel of her nipples between his fingers made his cock rise. Jam noticed.
“You will have to do something about that” she remarked nodding to the swelling in his shorts.
“Like what?” was his response.
She removed the bikini bottom.
“Fuck me” she purred.
“What here? People will see” he said embarrassingly.
“There’s no one around” she retorted “besides who gives a fuck? I don’t. Now fuck me”
He didn’t need asking twice. She lay back and her fingers parted her cunt lips. His eyes fell upon the silky pink flesh inside. He could see she was already wet.
Soon his naked body was between her thighs and his rampant stallion probing for her pussy. It found its target and plunged in. She let out a sigh of satisfaction. He began riding in her. Her cunt felt so good. He could feel his knob throbbing at the feel of her fuckhole. She began to writhe beneath him. Each little groan from her lips spurred him on to ram harder into her.
“You are such a dirty fucking whore” he exclaimed.
His hand slapped hard on her thigh. The sting of it made her wince. Suddenly they became aware of a shadow that fell over her naked body. They both looked up to see a lifeguard standing over them. He was typical of a lifeguard. Tall, muscular and the type that women swooned over.
“I want to fuck your woman “he snarled.
“Fuck off” said Rick angrily “she’s mine.”
“Then I’ll just have to wank off over her” came the reply. He lowered his shorts and pulled out his stiffened cock.
Jam made a grab for it and proceeded to yank at the foreskin.
“Fucking enjoy me” she whispered.
“Bitch” shouted Rick. His fingers dug deep into her flesh. She yanked harder and harder at the stiff prick hovering over her. The lifeguard’s eyes rolled in his head and he began to groan.
Rick did not want to be undone. He grabbed her body tightly and thrust his torso harder at her. His rhythm now was hard and slow and deliberate.
The lifeguard let out a cry as his seed gushed from the head and splattered over Jam’s tits.
“Fucking yes” he shouted as it echoed around the beach.
Rick rammed harder.
The lifeguard did not say a word, replaced his shorts and walked off.
Rick could feel his knob bursting to explode in her. His pace quickened. Jam squirmed beneath him. She was moaning and groaning. He reached forward and his hands grabbed her tits. They gripped tightly. The fingers crushing the nipples. She responded. Her legs rose like a drawbridge. They wound round his body like a python constricting its prey. He was held in a vice like grip between her thighs. Her fingers ran down his back. Like a tiger her nails bit deeply into his flesh. Her fingers dragged down over his back scratching him markedly.
He winced at the pain.
“Fuck!” he screamed.
She ignored the cry of pain and continued to draw her fingernails across his back. This only served to stiffen his cock more. It felt inside of her as though it was burning like a red hot steel pole fresh from the furnace. His cock was on fire.
“Fucking talk to me” he ordered with a growl.
It was hard for her to compose words between her groans of pleasure. Waves of electricity flowed through her body. Every muscle rippled with excitement. She felt tense and all wound up inside.
“Cunt…..I’m……I’m cunt……for…..for…..you……your…..bitch” she managed to stutter out between gasps for air.
Rick’s lungs felt near to bursting. He was fighting for breath.
Suddenly he felt the force gush through his prick as his spunk exploded in her womb.
Jam screamed loudly as she reached the pitch of her orgasm. They both collapsed breathing heavily.
Jam rose from the spot and gathered her things.
“Where are you going?” asked Rick
“Back to the hotel to wash him off and then….”
Her voice trailed away.
Rick followed. He was worried that she now had thoughts on the lifeguard.
Back in the hotel room she made for the shower and proceeded to wallow in the cascading water.
Rick stepped into the shower with her.
“I suppose you fancied him” he said dejectedly.
Before she could reply he slapped her hard on her ass again and again. Red marks began to form where his hands had landed.
“Course not. That’s why I have come back here to shower. To wash him off and then…” she trailed off again.
“And then what?” questioned Rick.
“Then we fuck” she replied.
It gladdened Rick.
“Give me cunt” he demanded his cock now again at full strength.
He lifted her up against the tiled wall. Her legs spread to take him. Once again his steed plunged in her.
“My fucking gorgeous bitch” he stuttered between each thrust of his hips. She raised her arms above her head to expose her full nakedness. His mouth closed over a nipple and sucked hard.
Water cascaded down over their bodies as they were locked in passion. His cock deep in her cunt. Taking her, having her, using her. He pulled out and spun her around. She felt three hard slaps on her ass cheeks. She yelped at the initial pain, but it only served to make her love juices flow more. Her ass cheeks glowed from the sting of his hand. Again he entered her from behind. Her face pressed against the tiled wall. Harder and faster he thrust into her. Again his spunk filled her cavity as he burst in her.
From the shower they made for the bed. There seemed no end to his cock growing stiff and her cunt begging to be taken. She was his cunt. His bitch. His whore. Her body craved the loving attention.
And that was how they spent the rest of their holiday. Staying in the room. Fucking and fucking and fucking. Filling her fuckhole with his spunk. Naked. Her legs spread for him. Being his bitch. Feeling beautiful but feeling as though she was his whore. Loving every stroke and thrust in her. Taking his spunk.
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