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Starting Over

The divorce despite being the obvious best choice had not been easy. Undoing all those years took a toll she had not anticipated and left her feeling drained, empty, even a little angry. Self-pity reared its ugly head. She had let it run things for while and found herself somewhere she never wanted to be. It was at that point she had decided to move. Relocating was fairly simple, she was in high demand in her field and there was always someone hiring. She wanted a change. Why not start with climate? The call from the company in St. Croix was the sign she needed. The interviews were conducted in a whirlwind of emails, teleconferences, and trips to their New York office. The fit was perfect, the job comfortably challenging without being overwhelming, and the ... Read More»

An Evening At Sophie's

'I'm afraid you are not able to hire Justine' Madame Sophie informed me, with a strange smile. This was unusual, I thought. Whenever business had brought me to Rio I'd looked in on the Maison Lys and either borrowed one of the girls for an evening or spent my time there. The place catered for all tastes, including my own, which were of an exotic nature not always available in the more common establishments. 'Not have Justine, Sophie?' I asked, slightly incredulously. 'In the catalogue she's advertised as available for every single activity - so what's the catch?' Sophie was more than a professional acquaintance now. I'd been patronising her establishment for almost twenty years and had never had any problems here before. I always paid that little bit extra as ... Read More»

Saturday Morning Benefits

It was 8 am on a Saturday morning in late July. Yet another Saturday morning spent working at my desk. I was the only one in the office, until... "Whoa Greg! I didn't expect to see you here before me." Christy said, as she rounded the wall to her cubicle. Her flip flops made that recognizable slapping noise as she walked. She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and a well-worn pair of grey sweat shorts that looked like they were once a pair of sweat pants. The shorts were ripped/cut-off a little bit above mid-thigh. Standard Saturday morning attire in our office. "Good morning. Yea, I just wanted to get an early start today." I replied. I took a few quick glances at Christy as she turned on her computer and got set up to work. I found myself trying to sneak ... Read More»

My bbc adventure at the adult theater

Gurls, you have no idea. I think I'm in luv. Omg he was amazing. No pics, but I was in my 6 inch cum fuck me pumps, had on an opaque black body stocking with red fishnet thigh highs on top of it, a frilly lacey black ultra miniskirt, black Lacey top with my corset underneath tied real tight to give me a little bit of waist, my best padded push up, short red Bobb wig, red lips, blue eyshadow etc. gotta say,I was looking pretty hott and all the guys said so. One white guy followed me into the theater and sat next to me, the two black guys who were there were all eyes on me when I walked by and were in the room shortly after the white guy. White guy slips his pants off as we rubbing each others thighs and i'm a bit disappointed as he was soft and small,but he ... Read More»