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A very hot night with MaryAnn

I want to tell you about a kinky married lady (Mary Ann) that I played with off and on for 3 years or so. Her husband was in the Navy. When he was on duty, or out on cruises, we had time to play. How we met was cool also, I lived in base housing (I am retired Navy) and she lived right next door...the navy housing was attached townhouses. Her husband was out to sea, and she knocked on the door one day, my ex came in and asked if I could help Mary change out a light bulb. I jumped up and went next door with her, and changed out the kitchen lightbulb, asked her if there was anything else she needed, and she said the upstairs hallway light was out also. I had to get my ladder out for that and told my ex...I changed that bulb and she tried to give me $10, I told her I ... Read More»

The Scent Of Candles Chapter 2

I spent the rest of that first night, fucking Aunt Kat. While Joanna had been babbling to me on the phone, her Aunt Katherine had been deep-throating my hard dick. Joanna told me how her aunt had been asking her all types of questions about me. She said that her aunt especially wanted to know about our sex life. It seems that Aunt Kat was Joanna's favorite aunt in more ways than one. I told her that I couldn't concentrate on our conversation. That her aunt was trying to devour my dick whole. Joanna laughed and said she would be on a flight that arrived the next day. She told me the time she would be arriving. She didn't need to be picked up, she said that she would catch a cab. I hung up the phone and looked down at Aunt Kat. I moaned as Aunt Kat's soft lips ... Read More»

A Day at the Office

I came home from work, exhausted. My roommate greeted me as usual and asked me how my day went, “Fine, but definitely unusual.” “Well dinner won’t be done for about an hour, just got home myself, so tell me about it.” We both sat down on the couch facing each other as she handed me a glass of white wine. “I need this.” “So tell me.” “Well Jim my boss calls me into his office an hour or so after lunch. I knock, he tells me to come in and I take a seat. But he says nothing at first-sort of like he’s uncomfortable about what he is going to say. I’m thinking, shit he’s going to fire me, so my heart starts pounding and I am prepared to blast him.” “And?” Well he sat there and then cleared his throat, like he was going to make a speech. A feeling ... Read More»

Cruise To Alaska

I have never been a great sleeper. I sleep lightly, waking up often unless I've been screwed into exhaustion. I was wide-awake at six a.m. As I came out of the bathroom, Carrie was still sleeping soundly. She looked so young and innocent. I had a passing thought. I could see myself being exposed on the evening news as the neighborhood dirty old man, lusting after a sweet young virgin. I opened the curtains letting in a flood of light, sat down at my computer and began to work on my soon due story. About eight, I heard, "What did you do to me last night." "Good morning, I was hoping you would not remember the trapeze, the whips, the chains and the female midgets." She jumped out of bed, pretending to be irate, "You are absolutely horrible. I have to pee." ... Read More»

my mom getting fucked by a black guy

I'm going to tell you a true story that happened to me, it's very embarrassing but I feel that I need to tell it to someone. It's about when a I saw my mom getting fucked by a black guy. My mom is a 42year old woman, originally from Romania. She has very big tits, and I mean really big, I have never seen tits of that size, larger than for example Kim Kardashians (something to compare with), and they are real too. She also has a big nice ass. She is a little chubby with nice shapes, but certainly not very fat. When I came home one day from school much earlier than planned, I went and in to my room, and layed in my bed, and after a while, I heard my mom come home, but it was someone there with her, I heard a man's voice. Quickly I layed under the bed to see what is ... Read More»


"What a crummy way to spend a nice spring day," Linda thought to herself while staring out the window from her sixth period math class. Her mind was quickly snapped back to attention, however, when the sharp voice of Sister Mary Marie cracked, "Are you ready to join us now Miss Burton!?!" "Uhh, no, I mean yes," Linda stammered, "I was just thinking, that's all.........." "Well think about this," the nun replied harshly, "if you don't get with the program you're going to be taking Algebra II all over again, do I make myself clear???" "Yes ma'am," Linda answered quickly! She was getting ready for yet another verbal assault from the old biddy when thankfully the bell sounded ending the period. ... Read More»

$250,000.00 Secret

On my webcam I watched Bethany scratching the lotto ticket with the penny she found in the parking lot. She squinted to read the year. How ironic. 2001, Canada – 1 Cent. The Maple Leaf waving at her. The copper so shiny and new. Untarnished. Leaning back on the sofa she strokes her clit and feels the moisture leak from her pussy down to the rosebud of her sensitive ass... she wonders if that penny had been hidden away these last 9 years? Had she? This penny just had to be lucky. 2001 was the year printed on half her precious belongings. The embroidered bedspread announcing 'two hearts joined in love' draped across the foot of their king sized bed. The needlepoint from her mother in law framed on the living room wall beside another gilded frame holding the ... Read More»

No Strings

I walk into your darkened room, everyone but you is gone or at work. You don't hear me as I get closer to you. Your stretched out across your bed stroking your cock, watching a big breasted woman sucking dick on the T.V. Silently I move through the dark side of your room until I'm just behind your bed, watching you gently squeeze your balls and continue to jerk off that magnificent prick. I smile to myself as I take my hair down so it falls around me in crimson waves, I unbutton my top and let it fall off my arms to land on the floor. My skirt soon follows leaving me standing there in nothing more than a sheer camisole, a matching set of thigh highs and garter belt, and a set of red pumps. I take a deep breath and step up into your line of sight; and I almost ... Read More»

Fertile Soil

Elizabeth Chambers smiled as she gripped the wheel tightly of the John Deere tractor she controlled, made the wide swing, and then with fluid motion that only came from years of farm life, dropped the disc harrow and began to churn up the fertile soil. As the tractors eight tires dug into the dirt and its motor labored from the harrow it was dragging, she looked to either side. For acres the freshly upturned soil stretched as far as the eye could see. That is except for one narrow strip of virgin soil that her tractor now straddled. As the harrow began to pulverize this last remaining strip, Liz watched as her machine and implement began to kick up dust and send it blowing gently across the flat ground that was her home. If a small pebble had not lodged inside ... Read More»

JADE: THE MacDonalds Skank

I have a fantasy of fucking a female employee of macdonlds while she is in her uniform. What i do is whenever i go into a macds and get served by a female worker i always look for certain things: her name badge, size of her tits and weather you can see the outline of her bra etc, then i can wank over her at a future date. Anyway i was in my local branch the other day, just chilling having a meal, early afternoon & hardly anyone in, then i spotted a cute looking female worker on the other side of the restaurant slowly making her way round cleaning the floor. After a short period of time she was near where i was sat, she started to clear tables near where i was sat and then she did mine, she asked if was finished i was in that time i had noticed her name was ... Read More»

A Loving Wife

I gazed at her with a lump in my throat, she is so heart breakingly beautiful, her soft angelic cherub like face, even elfin when she is in a cheeky mood, but today, like some other's before this, her face was crumpled. I knew what she was thinking. "Why is he treating me like this, I don't deserve it, I hold myself for him, only him." I had only met her once a year ago, when I came back to this country for her wedding. That too had been a surprise because she was/is black, it turns out her great grandparents were servants to a Royal Naval attaché in Kenya and he brought them back with him, but things turned out badly and they ended up on the streets trying make a living. Somehow they got through it. Now I was home between jobs, one was on for a month's ... Read More»

pretty average club

I was visiting my brother in Ohio. I went for a week, a bunch of family was there -- etc. My cousin and I had a flight out the same day -- so we shared a room near the airport. I decided I wanted to go check out the college bars (it was a Friday night before I left). I ended up at some Goth club with a lot of awkward goth people that I felt too awkward to hang out with. Anyway, I make my way to this place called Skully's. It seemed like a pretty average club. Some local bands played, I hung around and just got shitty drunk. I make friends with some girl at the bar, she invites me to go upstairs and hang out with the DJ. With last call coming soon, and the venue dying down -- I started getting friendly with the girl I met downstairs. We all head to some random ... Read More»

Woman Invited to My House to Play

I invite you to visit me, giving you my address in a private message. I give you no information, other than to show up to my address at 10 pm on a Friday night. You normally wouldn't travel to a completely unknown location, to meet a completely unknown person, but perhaps I catch you in a particularly horny and curious mood. You arrive at my house at exactly 10pm. As you reach to ring the doorbell you see a note. The note reads simply, "Please come inside." The front door is unlocked and you find yourself in a dark living room. As you close the door you see a dark hallway with a small amount of candlelight coming from a room at the end of the hall. You hear muffled noises from this room and slowly walk down the hall toward the light and noise, before you ... Read More»

Nicholas Turns

At the age of twenty four, Nicholas stood six foot, his body shaped like a Greek athlete. His supple muscles and tanned body made a woman watching him ache for a date with him. But after a recent bad relationship, Robert wasn't looking for a relationship. His twin brother had introduced him to the world of homosexuality years before, and though Robert wasn't particularly interested in men, he wasn't against not looking at men either. One late evening, his mother and step father had some friends over from the company they owned and though his mother and his step father had retired for the evening, she extended the invitation to continue to use the pool. Nicholas up to this point had had the pool to himself. He was sitting in the shadows in one of the lounge ... Read More»

Infidelity Cheating Wife Story

Kelly and Cindy had been friends for many years. Kelly was married to Jack, and Cindy was her only single friend. Cindy was always a little on the wild side kind of sluty, but Kelly adored her. Even though Cindy was somewhat of a whore Kelly with her innocent personality trusted her with her husband. She never expected Jack to take any interest in Cindy, because she was not nearly as attractive as Kelly, and much older. Cindy would often go over to Kelly and Jack's house for evening cocktails. They would all drink heavily to try to escape the monotonous aggravation of their own low paying jobs. Sometimes Cindy would even visit when Kelly was at work, and quite often Cindy and Jack would already be drunk by the time Kelly got home. Cindy confided in me ... Read More»