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I have been to a few Bathhouses over the years usually on College Nights when Hot Young Guys are there. In addition to the Sauna & Video Rooms where a Good Suck or Hot Fuck takes place I like to head into the Glory Hole Area. I keep a sharp eye out for Young Hung Guys as they come into the area and try to remember as much as I can about what his Body and Cock looks like for later. When I see Hot Guys go into a Glory Hole Area I follow in hopes I will be the on to Suck Cock when they slide through. When I see the Hot Guy I was cruising slide his Cock through I go right down on it and start Sucking. I love to hear the Guy maon and breath heavy & just Suck harder and deeper down in my throat. When a Hot Guy starts thrusting through the Glory Hole I know ... Read More»

Party In The Park

Walking past the neighborhood Mini Park I could see 2 HOT Guys sitting on the far end under the trees smoking weed, shirtless and almost looked like they were not wearing any pants. As I got closer I saw I was correct about the NO Pants. These 2 HOT Guys shorts were down arounbd there ankels and they were Jerking Off. I was courious so I walked around to the other side so I could get a better look. I moved arounf to an unlit area to watch these Guys Jerking eachothers Cocks and I got so Hard I reached under my shorts and started to stroke my Cock as I watched the Hot Park Action. The guys could see I was watching and jerking but it almost seemed to get them more excited. One of the guys looked at me and in a low voice said "Dude, come join us" so I ... Read More»

A Theif!

I received a phone call early in the evening, and as I looked down and saw my friend’s number, I picked it up quickly. “Hello?” I said. … No response, I repeated it again, until I heard a faint but slightly chilling sound from the other end. “Help me!” Then the busy signal came on and I immediately realized there was something wrong. I was just out of the shower, and didn’t even have time to put underwear on as I was pulling my t-shirt on over my head running out to my car. I was meeting my girlfriend for dinner a bit later and had just enough time to say I would be back soon, at friends. That was probably the smartest thing I did, since I didn’t even think to call the police. I now wish I had. I got to his house, and ran up the steps and rung his ... Read More»

Obstructed View

I heaved a sigh of long suffering patience. "No, Marko, I won't let you experiment with me," I said. I determinedly scraped at one of the many well-attached "suncatcher" decals our new place's previous tenant had stuck all over the windows. Every. Single. Window. Top to bottom. She must have used a ladder. While I thought the things had made a pretty interesting stained-glass effect, Marko had whined about their presence since before we'd moved in. So, in a compromise, I'd agreed to help him scrape the messes off the lower window panes. I was not going to stand on a ladder and risk tipping my ass onto the floor scraping at anything higher than the lower sash's upper frame. I stepped back from the window and plucked bits of colored plastic off the end of my ... Read More»

Walmart Trucker

Here it is the night before I leave for a week on the beaches of Mexico and I’m stuck working until 10 p.m. On the way home I found a text message on my phone from my roommate asking me to call him. I called and he said we needed some last minute supplies from the local Walmart store. There was one on the way home and it was open 24 hours. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed an 18 wheeler backing up in the lot. The trailer was covered in 50 lb bags of top soil, roped down and secured. The light was on inside the cab and I could barely make out what looked to be a stocky Hispanic driver. Sure enough, I rolled my window down as I passed by and there he was - Hispanic, somewhere between 28 and 38 years old. He parked the rig, looked at me, looking at him but ... Read More»

College teacher sex

One time when I was at college and training to be a PE teacher. We just did 1600 miles I was soo sweaty and tired, I walked slowly into the boys changing rooms to suddenly see my btec teachers gym bag and running trainers. I had a big crush on my btec teacher. I excitedly walked up to the items the first being the gym bag I slowly unzipped it to reveal the intoxicating smell of man sweat and aerosol, in the bag was a rather thick sweaty muddy pair of trainer sox a blue sweat covered vest gym shorts, muddy jogging bottoms and a pair of sweaty boxers, I suddenly put them to my nose, wanting to taste and smell the flavor of his boxers. They were a mix. Of sweat and man, next I picked up his sock that he had been wearing about half an hour earlier for our run I ... Read More»

Leather angels! (Leather work boot men)

Iv managed to get a job as a local builder, of course nothing is as it seems with me around. " Paul when you've finished that come in the office we need to talk to you " " oh no, what have I done this time " I said to myself. After I finished building the wall I slowly walked to the office and knocked on the door. " come In Paul " said my boss ( Christopher ) I walked in to see nearly the whole of the builders yard in there. " So is this a staff meeting " I said, " something like that.. You see Paul all these men have come up to express their concern that you keep looking at there legs " " not at all boss, why would I want to do that " " you tell me " ( Christopher ) my boss said. " he has boss " I heard one of them say, " I think he's gay, boss " another ... Read More»

First time barebacker

I was standing blindfolded in the backyard handcuffed to a tree wearing only a t-shirt and sneakers. Really! I almost couldn’t believe I was waiting to be fucked by a young married guy I had only talked to online. He had fucked me before through a makeshift gloryhole once but never bareback. He told me he wanted to rape me bareback. To walk up behind me, shove his cock up my ass, fuck me until he blows his loand and leave. I was to be handcuffed and blindfolded and just let him rape my ass however he liked with no resistance. The thought of it kept playing on my mind and soon I really wanted it to happen. On morning we saw each other on line and…. Him Hey Me hi Him What’s up? Me Nothing so far. Him You want some? Me Sure what do you want to do? Him ... Read More»

Deep Tissue Massage

The following is a true account of an encounter I had during a recent ski trip. In March of 2010, I decided to join a few friends on a ski trip in Vermont. It was going to be a weekend of skiing and drinking with many of my old friends from high school. However, on my flight out from the west coast, I ended up tweaking my lower back due to the long flight in the "spacious" seating that the airline provided me in coach. Having been an avid skier since a very young age I have to say I am in pretty good shape. That said, I am now in my mid 30s and therefore, I have a tendency to breakdown a little bit easier than I used to. By the time I reached our lodge after the flight and long drive up into the mountains, my back was an absolute disaster. Regardless, I was ... Read More»

Cruising For Some Bi Cock

For being only thirty-nine years old, I’ve got a lot going for me. Along with owning my own commercial construction business, I have been married to a great woman for twelve years. Together, we have three kids, two boys and a girl. Business is good, my marriage is solid, and my morning jogs and trips to the gym help to keep me in top condition. All in all my life is great, except for one small problem. My wife doesn’t like to suck cock. And nothing gets me off like having my cock in a hot mouth and feeling my load shoot down into a throat. Fortunately, I found out a long time ago there are plenty of other bi and gay men who like sucking on a hard slab of man meat and drinking a load of cum. The trick is to know where to find them. As it happens, I ... Read More»

Lost in transfer

I'd completed my training at the Bainbridge Maryland, Yeoman School with high honors, and now I was to be transferred to a ship of my choice. The ship was still out on maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico, so I was to be transferred by Navy Transport to the ship's homeport at Norfolk, Virginia, to wait for the ship there. I had discovered early in my Navy service that the government often did things in strange ways, but since I'd little to say in the matter, I always went along with the orders. I was not surprised, therefore, that at the last minute, they decided to fly me to Key West, Florida instead, so I could board the my ship when it arrived there and take the ship back to Norfolk. I was to board a Navy air transport and go to Miami hoping to catch the ship ... Read More»

"Kingston Park".

(Another re-posting of a old British Classic). Kingston Park *** A young boy accidentally discovers the delights of a glory hole in his local park. Over the years as he develops sexually he uses it as his base for some unusual encounters with strangers, people he knows and even his own Uncle. (Mm-teen, inc, voy, 1st-gay-expr, g-hole, anal) *** Martin sat quietly in his own little space. He could hear the sounds of people passing by outside and c***dren laughing in the nearby playground. He knew this space well. He discovered it when he was 14, some 12 years ago while playing with some friends. He remembered the day well. Now, some 12 years later this little space had given him a great deal of excitement and pleasure and in this ... Read More»

The Conference

She was so excited to be invited to it. When she called her Dad and told him about the conference she was beside herself with excitement. It was a 5 day affair out of state for incoming Freshman who had been part of their schools student governments. Diane had been council president for her last 3 years and met the requirements easily. Since she was under 21 she was required to have a parent attend and with her mother having died 7 years earlier it meant that her Dad would have to take her. She thought that would be great to have him there as he was a really great looking old guy (all of 45.) and would enjoy spending the time with her as he always did seem to spoil her. Her Dad, Ken, thought it was a great event to attend and told her to set up ... Read More»

Cross Dressing Sailor

Let me start by giving you a little background. I have always liked to wear women’s clothing since I was about eighten years old. I used to like to put on my sisters clothes whenever I would be home alone. I liked to wear her panties and when she got older her bras. I would wear her bikinis and strut around the house like a slutty girl. As I got older I would wear my sister’s dresses and skirts. I bought my own panties and stockings. When I graduated from high school I joined the Navy. When I got to my first boat I wanted to dress like a woman again. We had a three day weekend and I decided to get away and dress up again. I went to St Augustine for the weekend. This was away from base so I would not run into anyone from my boat or squadron. I went to the mall ... Read More»

A Bookstore Kind of Affair

The sky was a husky purple, the sun made the clouds into a stunning rainbow of dusk, and Seth Nathaniel Jones was sobbing in his bathroom. He sat in the bathtub with knees drawn up under his chin and shielded his rapidly swelling eye that was already a nasty shade of purple. He tried to rationalize the situation, to understand why, but he couldn't. He sifted through his memories of his relationship with Mel trying to find something that would make him over look the travesty of their latest fight. He couldn't think of a single thing. Why had he fallen for him in the first place? Why the fuck did he move in with him knowing that he had violent tendencies? The sad part was that there was no reason. Seth didn't love this man. He was just lonely. He let out a ... Read More»